The arrival of Porsche and Audi in the F1 will be “big” for Ferrari

The arrival of Porsche and Audi in the F1 will be “big” for Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari coach Mattia Binotto has said it would be great for Formula 1 to see Porsche and Audi join the game in 2026.

Both manufacturers, part of the Volkswagen Group, are scheduled to enter the F1 from 2026 when new engine regulations are introduced. However, the Volkswagen Group has planned to wait until the regulations are finalized to make a decision on the possibility of entry. Binotto praised the enthusiasm of these two big brands in Formula 1 and believes it would be “nice” to see Ferrari compete with two of the biggest manufacturers.

“We would be very happy for Porsche and Audi to join Formula 1. It will be good for the game and better for F1.” Said the boss of the Scuderia Ferrari.

“It will be good for us to compete with brands like this, in general it will be good news and we should be happy. As for the principles themselves, we know the goal is to try to finalize them by June and vote by June, this is not a strange thing.”

“All the discussions we had at the time and that we still have at the moment, consider the fact that Audi and Porsche can join us. It is nothing new in this regard and there are no new debates about it.”

However, Binotto insists that before the arrival of new developers in System 1 there are still a number of issues that need to be clarified: “There are still clear issues to be discussed, especially about the financial regulations that we need to finalize and amend. There are still all questions to consider about the arrival of a guest.”

“How do you define a stranger? What are the benefits of a visitor? All of this needs to be clarified and clarified. On top of that there is the issue of transfer of intellectual property which should not be possible. There are also open debates on the technical side, so there are still many things that need to be developed and finalized. So, by June, the time will definitely be short and we will have to work on it as a priority. »

The Volkswagen Board met last week in Wolfsburg and confirmed F1 is on the agenda as an engine distributor rather than taking over the team altogether, but details are yet to be finalized. The Porsche brand has been linked with a partnership with Red Bull for several years and appears to be close to an agreement, but according to recent rumors from Germany a partnership between Audi and McLaren is now in doubt, with Sauber leading the list ahead of Williams. and Aston Martin.

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