The 911 GTS is a luxurious Porsche without losing the sporty spirit of the brand – 01/08/2022

The 911 GTS is a luxurious Porsche without losing the sporty spirit of the brand – 01/08/2022

After launching the Carrera and Turbo versions of the 911, as well as the GT3 track model, it was time for the mid-range GTS. If, on the one hand, this option invests a lot in the appeal of visual sports, on the other hand, it has a luxury that is not common to see in a traditional sports car.

Prices start at R$989,000 for the rear-wheel drive version. The 911 GTS has luxuries like a virtual dashboard and even an electric sunroof. The finish is very modern, combining leather with open stitching and Alcantara.

There are also some details in the cabin to emphasize performance, such as the use of carbon fiber. The seats are electrically adjustable (with three memory positions).

The touchscreen multimedia is the vehicle’s command center and similar to that of the Cayenne models. The only difference is that the screen is slightly smaller. The air conditioner has two heating zones.


Luxury, however, is only a “hide” for the 911 GTS. The exterior of the car is a clean sport, highlighted by dark details on the front, sides and rear.

Porsche 911 GTS interior - Rafaela Borges/UOL - Rafaela Borges/UOL
Photo: Rafaela Borges/UOL

The 20-inch wheels are wide open and also darkened – there are different options in the Porsche configurator if the customer wants to choose. They show large brake discs and calipers – which in the tested model were painted red, but they have other color options.

What is most noticeable, however, is the extensive damage to the black background. In addition to making it look more aggressive, the part also has an aerodynamic function. Among its missions is to keep the 911 GTS more connected to the ground at high speeds, for example.

Another rear highlight is the dual exhausts. Exhaust, by the way, is a game. You can adjust the sound of the six-cylinder boxer through the drive modes, or the button assigned to this function.


All the modern “camouflage” of the 911 GTS shows that it is only a charm when the driver is behind the wheel. Starting with sports seats that keep the driver glued to the ground. Optionally, there are shell-type seats, for more than R $ 30 thousand.

Porsche 911 GTS rear - Rafaela Borges/UOL - Rafaela Borges/UOL
Photo: Rafaela Borges/UOL

The analog tachometer in the middle of the virtual dashboard is on every Porsche since the Cayenne. It goes to show that, in a brand car, what is important is to make the engine produce, something that makes more sense in the boxer 3.0 six-cylinder GTS.

Acceleration: That’s the word on the 911 GTS. There is 480 hp of power and 58.1 mkgf at only 2,300 rpm. The gearbox is a PDK, eight-speed, dual-clutch automatic.

In Sport Plus function, more sporty, the cycle already rises from 2,000 to 3,000 and the model is ready to accelerate, a command that makes the body cling to the seat and the engine roars loudly.

There is also Sport Response, a magic button that makes the car faster than accelerating in 20 seconds. It takes 3.4 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h and a top speed of 310 km / h.

Even in Sport Response, the car, with rear wheel drive and rear engine, it is difficult to lose its perfect balance. But if it loses, it has power management systems capable of correcting driver errors.

A luxury? Yes. But without completely losing the sporty essence that has been a hallmark of the 911’s history.

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