The 2024 Ford Mustang will be unveiled in Detroit in September |  Automotive News

The 2024 Ford Mustang will be unveiled in Detroit in September | Automotive News

The next generation of Ford Mustang is in preparation and may appear earlier than expected. Indeed, rumors are rife that the new generation will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show which will be held in September.

The Auto News website reports the news, which adds credibility to the matter. The source that gave the information is hidden, it goes without saying. Ford of course does not comment on this. In Motor1, which tried to learn more, the answer was dry: “We have already said that the new seventh generation Mustang is on the way. More details are coming. »

Digging further, we found that Car and Driver magazine had previously claimed that the new version would go into effect on April 17, 2023. Why April 17? Because that’s where the original model debuted in 1964. That would be a good nod to the past for what might be the last gas-powered Ford Mustang, which it has.

If the model is presented in September, it will leave plenty of time for the company to promote its flagship product.

Obviously, we remain in speculation for now.

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As for the next Mustang, we know that it will still benefit from a V8 engine, but it will also inherit the 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine, as it is now. The issue of diversification was mentioned many times as well. Associated with the V8 engine, electric inputs can ensure all-wheel drive. All this is to follow.

The manual gearbox will also return; otherwise it would be heresy.

More details will follow in the next few weeks as we learn if the rumored September presentation is true.