The 2023 Volvo XC60 and XC90 get a new battery and powertrain

The 2023 Volvo XC60 and XC90 get a new battery and powertrain

Bariloche (Argentina) – Volvo has just launched the 2023 range of XC60 and XC90 SUVs. The novel is in the T8 hybrid set update. With values ​​between R$ 400 thousand and R$ 564 thousand, the two got more power to face the electric competition.

The T8 still combines a 2.0 liter turbo engine to drive the front wheels and an electric unit for the rear wheels. The ignition block, which also had a mechanical compressor, removed the “blower” to close the 48V module. The rear unit also had its power raised to 145 hp and 31 kgfm of torque.


The combined result is a gain of more than 50 hp in power, which jumped from 407 hp to 462 hp and a torque of 72.3 Nm. It’s a big plus, but it doesn’t make a huge difference. After all, the set has always had a lot of torque and power and the advantage of a tenth of a second is not noticed by the average driver.

New T8 batteries

However, the main novelty is in the battery pack. The old 11 kWh cells were replaced by 18 kWh modules. The number of columns has not changed, they are placed under the central cone and arranged in three rows of 102 cells.

According to Volvo’s Marketing and Product Director, André Bassetto, the new technology makes it possible to connect the battery. “Today we can increase the power of batteries without having to increase their size”.

Liberty XC60 and XC90

As a result, the electric range jumped from 44 to 78 kilometers in the XC60 and 71 kilometers in the XC90. It may not seem like much, but in urban traffic, it means getting to and from work without using gas. Something surprising even for those who do not see it as a problem to pay R$ 8 for a liter of fuel.

The Volvo XC60 T8 has the same hybrid kit as the XC90, but it can run up to 78 km, with a battery.

Another function that the SUV hybrid duo now has is One Pedal mode. This system is already used by several manufacturers such as Nissan and Fiat. This function applies the engine brake whenever the driver takes his foot off the accelerator. Therefore, the car begins to break itself, only with the resistance generated by the electric motor, which also acts as a charge generator for the battery.

the contents

The content package of the duo is unchanged. The XC60 Hybrid that debuted last year has a digital instrument panel that supports the Google Maps browser. The app is part of the Google car app. It offers Android Auto and AppleCarPlay integrations.

volvo xc60 t8 hybrid 2023 in
The XC60 T8 has the Google software package, which does not require Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

The XC90 doesn’t have the feature, but it does have on-board navigation and an instrument panel, just like its “little” brother. On the other hand, it is more modern, with four-zone digital climate control, as well as a third row of seats.

volvo xc90 t8 hybrid domestic
The interior of the XC90 is modern, with air conditioning and four individual heating zones

Half term

Optimizing a hybrid car is a must. Executives know that there is no way to turn the key from a combustion car to 100% electric power. Factors such as charging infrastructure added to natural features such as relief, weather conditions limit the use of trams, especially in developing markets such as Latin America.

Thus, the hybrid is seen as a bridge to the electric becoming as practical as a combustion vehicle. According to Bassetto, Brazil offers the perfect natural environment for the electrified. “The ideal temperature for using batteries is 35ºC, which reduces energy consumption to maintain a balanced temperature. In terms of aid, the main capital cities will not suffer much from the slope. Only Belo Horizonte can affect freedom a little”, he compares.

behind the wheel of a Volvo

Of course, the mountains and cold weather don’t help much. Driving along Ruta 40, which crosses Argentina from north to south, just outside Bariloche (at the foot of the Andes Mountains), the batteries were quickly drained.

With temperatures ranging from -6 ºC to 3 ºC, muddy areas, climbing and light snow. The battery ran out before 70 km, and in hybrid mode. That is, with the help of a combustion engine.

volvo xc90 t8 2023 hybrid rear
For seven years on the market, the XC90 was one of the pioneers of power transmission in the luxury segment.

That is, the freedom varies greatly according to the conditions of use, which shows that the support of the combustion engine is still important. With an empty battery and 3/4 of a tank, the XC90 still recorded more than 450 kilometers of range.

Soon you will see all the details of what it was like to drive Swedish SUVs in negative temperatures.

versions price
XC60 Recharge Inscription Expression BRL 399,950
XC60 Renewal Writing BRL 429,950
XC60 Recharge R-Design BRL 439,950
XC60 T8 Polestar BRL 466,950
XC90 Recharge Text Display BRL 509,950
XC90 Recharge Manual BRL 553,950
XC90 Recharge R-Design BRL 563,950

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