The 2023 Toyota Highlander puts serious issues about efficiency in the United States

The 2023 Toyota Highlander puts serious issues about efficiency in the United States

It is one of the largest and best-selling varieties in the United States. The American division of the Japanese brand has implemented changes to the Toyota Highlander 2023. A small but no less impressive upgrade to an SUV that brings significant innovation in hardware as well as efficiency.

For sale in Europe, and Spain, for more than a year, the North American style has now received some minor updates, bringing significant improvements to the style it is. a true beacon on the other side of the Atlantic and where it harvests very important sales figures. The manufacturer can be proud that, for the past six consecutive years, it has become a brand in its unit.

This is the main reason why the North American brand unit has decided to implement improvements in Toyota Highlander 2023. New things out there are limited to new alloy wheels 20 inches painted black, and a new body color, while the interior of the upholstery offer is expanded with the color “Beige Harvest” and a special tone “Caramelo”. There’s nothing quite surprising compared to the hardware, where the SUV improves so much.

The US Toyota Highlander 2023 has a new turbo gasoline engine

Toyota Highlander 2023, the latest SUV upgrade in the United States

Digital technology takes over the dashboard, and a 12.3 inch toolbar display, consisting of up to four different display modes, “Normal”, “Smart”, “Tough” and “Sports”. The second 7-inch touch screen as a standard occupies a central dashboard, with a 12.3-inch option for basic and standard versions in “Limited” and “Platinum”. Due to this the multimedia system is managed, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection, wireless updates and voice control for native language commands which responds to the “Hey Toyota” command.

The company has also relocated the wireless charging component to mobile devices, which are now under the module of air conditioning and better access. Interesting news but still not the most important to be found in terms of the engine, because Highlander 2023 has sincerely chosen high-level efficiency though not to the same extent as in Europe, where it is sold as a hybrid only.

In the United States, the manufacturer has released a 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine and has selected one of the two cylinders at the bottom, delivering these to the turbo stage and 2.4 liters of transfer.. A significant improvement that will allow fuel consumption to be maintained at its predecessor levels, and that will reduce CO2 and NOX emissions, these by 50%, depending on the manufacturer, compared to the old block. But this improvement has consequences in terms of power, which reduced by 30 hp, from 299 old to 269 hpalthough torque has increased, from 357 Nm to 419 Nm.

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