the 1984 copy will participate in Dakar 2022!

the 1984 copy will participate in Dakar 2022!

Could it be more difficult than participating in the Dakar? Racing in nearly 40 years of 4×4 racing, of course…

Participating in the Dakar is already very difficult with a modern racing car … So imagine 4 × 4 almost 40 years ! However, this is the bet two Swiss racers have set themselves, inside their 1984 Lada Niva. With the help of Lada, they will start A common category of story rally.

This category is obviously less intense than that of the buggies fighting for victory in the general classification. Here, a classification is provided navigation tests and routines. But suddenly, the competition attracts competitors with very different cars: the only rules that they have participated in the Dakar before 2000. With the first edition of this category in 2021, the audience was therefore able to admire old Porsche 911s, strange buggies, Volkswagen Beetle, or Peugeot 504… In 2022, therefore there will be a friendly Russian traveler, timeless .

First trip of 5,500 km!

In preparation for the difficult meeting, the Niva Red Legend team traveled more than 5,500 km in one go. To celebrate the partnership with Lada, the team drove a car from Novosibirsk in Russia, where the Niva was made, in Zurich. A pilgrimage that allowed them to learn a lot about their little 4×4!

This Lada Niva has of course been slightly modified to cope with the harsh environment of Saudi Arabia. Roll cage, suspension, wheels, light, weight reduction… But the performances should not be interesting: the team announces 95 hp at 1,055 kg, with a maximum speed of 135 km / h. But speed has never been Lada Niva’s strength: it is its durability and its impressive franchisor capabilities. Property that the team of Niva Red Legend will have to take advantage of the Dakar throughout, at the beginning of January 2022.

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