The 1,100 hp Lamborghini takes over MotoGP from the KTM team!

The 1,100 hp Lamborghini takes over MotoGP from the KTM team!

Could this Huracan Performante Spyder be better equipped with 2 turbos to compete in Moto GP? Its 4 wheel drive system should give it an advantage at first, but the KTM is 10 times lighter!

Before we give you the results of this unusual race, let’s take a moment to get to know these two rivals. From 4 side wheelswe get a Lamborghini Huracan A powerful Spyder, but he is not like the others. In fact, Its 5.2-liter V10 gets a little boost from two big turbochargers! Thanks to these two little gems, its power goes from 640 to 1,100 hp! With its system 4 wheel drivehe has to remove the asphalt!

A 2-wheeled beast!

On the 2-wheel side, it is also a monster of power that is aligned. That is a MotoGP of the official KTM team of the 2021 season! Its 4-cylinder V engine makes an impressive 270 hp… For only 150 kg! That’s 10 times less than his Italian rival of the day! Of course, it doesn’t have Lamborghini’s 4-wheel drive to pull itself out of the starting lineup for this duel, but the fight can still be tough…

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Who wins?

Without surprise, the Italian supercar takes the lead at the startbut then it is caught, overtaken and even dropped by Moto GP! Are we starting over? Indeed! After a failed start for the 2-wheeled machine, it is the third and final race that will decide the winner. As in their first fight, The Huracan takes a brief lead before being destroyed by the KTM. Even with a flying start, the Italian has no chance. So, who is more difficult? Without question Moto GP!

Watch the video of this battle between Lamborghini and Moto GP below:

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