That’s why you shouldn’t repair your own iPhone

That’s why you shouldn’t repair your own iPhone

At the end of 2021, Apple announced that it would launch an app that would allow regular users to customize their iPhone and Mac. This “Personal Service Reform” program has now begun in the United States. So far, Apple only lists iPhone parts and replacement parts. The first YouTube users have now ordered these specifically and recorded their experiences in video.

Fix iPhone: Testimonials and Updates of Apple Service

After the latest iPhone repair features and tools were found, it did not take long for the first reviews to appear on YouTube. For example, Dan Barbera from MacRumors and Luke Miani in collaboration with Sam Kohl published three videos.

While MacRumors was replacing the battery, Miana and Kohl kept a flawed display. Tools available for $ 49 started in all videos. In the case of the iPhone repair, these come in the form of two large Pelican cases, which MacRumors says weighs 79 pounds (36 kg). Shipping costs alone may cost Apple more than the weekly rental fee.

In addition to small tools, two large suits also have special machines. These help, for example, to disassemble the display from the iPhone home or securely attach a new battery after replacement.

The first disadvantage of doing your own job is the cost. If you are repairing just one iPhone, the MacRumors iPhone 12 battery replacement costs $ 95.84. If you go to Apple Store, you will pay only $ 69 for the same work. Therefore, repairing a single iPhone is useless in most cases.

Problems with Apple tools

When using the tools, it was also shown in cases shown that Apple does not provide all the necessary tools. For example, we are talking about gloves that are protected especially against heat. These are used for iPhone heating, which allows the display to be opened. To replace the battery, tweezers and alcohol were needed to loosen the energy distributor. Nor were they part of the toolbox.

In addition, there were conflicting error messages from devices that Kohl and Miani were forced to address while repairing their iPhones. Finally, they had to use alternative tools to separate the show from the case.

In general, repairing MacRumors has been described as difficult. Miani and Kohl called the process “insane”. Finally, as mentioned above, most users should be in good hands with Apple Store or an authorized service partner.

It remains to be seen how expensive spare parts and tools will be in Germany. In Germany, the offer should start later this year. Then the company also wants to allow maintenance on the Mac.

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