That’s why he turns out differently than you think

That’s why he turns out differently than you think

When the new Batman film hit theaters in early March, it broke all the sound barriers in a very short time. It is considered to be one of the best Batman movies of all time. And while some have criticized Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight play, the former Twilight star should not be his last. Now comes another piece of good news for all fans that puts the Batman world in a whole new light.

Batman’s world is expanding – with this series

Not only about the Dark Knight himself, but also about his opponent – the Joker – there are already detailed stories that show nature for the character himself. Now is the time for a city where crime and exploitation are rampant. As an industry newspaper TV line reported that a DC series about Gotham City is scheduled. This should shed more light on the Dark Knight city.

But the thing also has a grip that leaves fans with a laughing and crying eye. Because the series will not only focus on the city itself, but also on the moment when Batman is dead. The hero is not only dead but also bloodthirsty. The theme seems to be darker than Batman’s latest film.

This is known about the Gotham Knights

Turner (Oscar Morgan), Batman’s foster child, wants revenge for his death. But among all the people, he and the children of Batman’s archenemy are accused of killing the hero. Together they must clear their names – but in Gotham without Batman protecting them, the city becomes a dangerous place. Is this the time for this ragtag team to transform into a new generation of rescuers, Gotham Knights?

When does the DC series come?

It is still unknown when the series about Gotham City will be released in the post-Batman era. The series still has to be produced first, so it probably won’t be on the market before 2023. According to TV Line, the series will also be shown first on The CW.

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