Test: The Mercedes-AMG EQS is an electric car with insane performance and a luxury apartment price  Measurements

Test: The Mercedes-AMG EQS is an electric car with insane performance and a luxury apartment price Measurements

Between V6, V8 and V12 engines with a roar that makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up, AMG has become a world reference when it comes to equipping Mercedes-Benz’s iconic cars with the purest refinement of German engineering. How not to remember the SLS model or the G-Class jeep which produces beastly performance after undergoing the company’s “treatment”?

Ah, but the future is here. And if you, dear reader, must be tired of hearing it by now, it’s lightning – turn your nose up or not. So,Even AMG joined the dance to give their opinion on the EQ family of electric cars. The first of them is now arriving in Brazil, the EQS sedan. This trend should continue, as the second model, the EQE, also receives an AMG version. But this is still far from here – at least for now.

But let’s go to a sedan that has a prestigious name and surname: Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4Matic+. Its design with flowing lines and frameless windows combines the familiar features of the EQ family, and the signature that connects the headlights and the lights to the LED stripsbut some details selected by the producer, such as closed grid with chrome elements and AMG-specific trunk lid spoiler. In wheels are 21 inchesbut can accept 22 optional rims.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4Matic+ brings features of the AMG family of electric cars – Image: Disclosure

But it’s the inside of the car that’s the most interesting. Once you get into the cabin, big MBUX’s Hyperscreen display is impressive. It is a one piece measuring 1.41 meters and integrates three screens: the instrument panel (the only one that is not touch sensitive), the multimedia center and the exclusive one for the front passenger. THE the middle one is 17.7 inches and the other two are 12.8 inches eachboth with OLED technology and gorilla glass, a thin, light and damage-resistant glass.

MBUX Hyperscreen combines three screens into one piece that measures 1.41 meters — Photo: Disclosure

there it is possible to control basically all the functions of the car – some exclusive to AMG models -, from climate control to interior lighting, driving modes, monitoring battery energy saving levels or the navigation system with augmented reality and even activating the seat compression devices driver and passenger. It has done voice assistant, gesture recognition and wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The wheels are 21-inch, but the model can receive an optional set of 22-inch — Photo: Solution

Other AMG details appear in the finish, and AMG Performance steering wheel wrapped in nappa leather with a flat baseon the sports seats with marks on the backrest, on the sports pedals and on the floor mats and door sill trims with the letters AMG.

Things get hotter when we talk about performance. We had a brief encounter with the EQS through the streets of São Paulo, in a short circuit, and managed to get out of the car on shaky legs. There are two electric motorsone for each axle, capable of delivering 658 hp and 96.9 kgfm of torque.

The sedan is 5.2 meters long, but rear-wheel steering helps with maneuverability — Photo: Disclosure

THE Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3.8 seconds and electronic top speed is limited 220 km / h. But do you think that is enough? Nananine no. There is even an optional package called Dynamic Plus which it increases power to 761 hp and torque to 104 kgfm. 0 to 100 goes down to 3.4 seconds and the top speed goes up to 250 km/h. But you have to pay almost R$ 60 thousand more for this…

The result, however, is crazy.. Humbly, waiting for the light to come on, I put it in Sport+ driving mode and decided to step on the gas when the green light came on. stupid… It looked as if it had been hit in the chest by an elephant.: the body stuck to the seat and the head made a backward whipping movement, that was the pulling force of a smart sedan. Even after strongly accelerating his opponents, even on the track, I was afraid of the car’s response, most likely because I did not expect all that speed.

The sports seats feature an AMG logo on the rear – Image: Disclosure

But it wasn’t the only hit that caught his attention. Overall, the EQS is a joy to drive every day. Amazing fact: there are butterflies behind the steering wheel, in the best sports car style (or some not so much…). But, in this case, the fins are not used for gear changes, as electric cars do not have a traditional transmission.

In this case, what is chosen are the ways to recover energy, starting from none, when the car uses only energy, normally, when there is recovery on deceleration, or power, which is possible to drive the car using only the accelerator pedal.

The inscription on the back brings the name of the car and its version: EQS 53 – Photo: Exposure

With Comfort mode selected, the car is smooth, and the suspension is, and still is, very well tuned directional rear axle, which turns the rear wheels up to ten degrees. Up to 60 km / h, they rotate in the opposite direction of the limits to facilitate driving in a sedan with a length of 5.2 meters. Above this speed, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels, improving stability and cornering performance.

Occupants can enjoy silence on board – despite being it is even possible to synchronize the sound made by the car to alert pedestrians, from soft to sporty -, with all the technologies available to keep them entertained, listening to great music on Burmester’s high-quality sound system, as well as having a lot of fun. Have you ever thought about coming back from a stressful day at work, getting a lot of traffic, but enjoying one of the different types of massage that fashion offers?

The instrument panel screen is 12.8 inches — Image: Resolution

The range is up to 586 km on the WLTP cyclea large range for a car of this category – second only to the SUV BMW iX with 630 km. It takes 10 hours to charge the battery (which has a ten-year warranty) in the 11 kW wall box, but a charge of 30% to 80% at the station fast charging takes half an hour. Anyone who buys a car takes a chargeras well as three years of maintenance in the range and a package that allows you to get one year (or 5,000 km) of free replacement thanks to the partnership made with energy suppliers.

An apartment in the prime area of ​​São Paulo costs the same as the new EQS – Photo: Production

But since not everything is a flower, all this has a price. Up. Totally true. The EQS 53 4Matic+ comes from a “bit” of BRL 1,350,900. It is the value of the property. And not just any property: we got a version of a six bedrooms on one of the most beautiful streets in the city of São Paulo for that value. More expensive than the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, the top version, which costs R$ 1,099,000. That is, it is a wonderful car, but with very few pockets.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4Matic+ electric sedan arrives in Brazil for R$ 1.35 million

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