Test Tesla Model 3 Grand Autonomy: Why I accepted it!

Test Tesla Model 3 Grand Autonomy: Why I accepted it!

We want to share with you the sad, and as unique, testimony of a Tesla owner who, in selected words, invites you to understand the driving experience.

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Thank you Tesla Mag for giving me the opportunity to share my customer experience with all the readers and also the Internet users for being able to convince Google about the benefits of your move.

I’m not used to writing, but the experience I lived with this car pushes me to share.

I received my Tesla model 3 LR, I received it last November.

Tesla model 3, know it’s here!

It will take some time to test the mistakes of other manufacturers. Model 3 appears from a “blank sheet” and I begin to measure it. It looks like a car but nothing like it. Zenitude, comfort, utility, handling and performance are all there.

Two months have passed since receiving the beauty and I feel a rare pleasure to put myself behind the wheel. The transition from the 2017 Mercedes C250d 9-speed gearbox to the long-running 3-speed model was amazing. I put down my silver arrow and in less than an hour I find myself overwhelmed with ease and efficiency.

It’s like going from a minitel to a portable PC. Before taking action, I pushed the analysis: purchase cost, maintenance (Tesla is close to zero), green bonus (2,000 to 6,000 euros), green loan at 1% over 8 years (for a car for 50,000 euros is more. than 6,000 euros that are not included in the loan), the residual value of the sale, and yes, the car is 50% of the new price after 3 years except for electricity, which remains higher.

The payment center is comfort and survival

Then there’s fuel and there it changes the game depending on where you load. You have to take the time to analyze your trips over a year to determine how you will charge and therefore the actual cost.

Personally, I reduce the bill by 2 euros per year excluding maintenance for 20,000 km per year. The choice of charging station is a question of comfort and life for heavy riders. It will cost around 1,200 euros for a proper 7.4 kWh charging station. Within the 3rd instance, you immediately feel zen.

There are no counters, buttons or cockpit intruding on the dashboard. In short, it is the opposite of other brands and it feels very comfortable to wear. The situation on board is that you sit down to enjoy the pleasure of driving.

I agree that blue dresses with silver rims and white interior have an effect… Wow! From the first rounds, it is obvious that we are in another world. Not sound, high comfort and everything is very clear.

Finally, the most difficult thing is to understand that you buy a car with the rules of the old manufacturers but Tesla with its own rules. It’s a super-accelerating gunshot…

But the best is climbing zen and the history of music and that is pure joy. During our first visit, it was not the show that was tested but the sound system with a good disco session.

Greater freedom or performance?

Let’s talk about freedom: scale, greater freedom or performance? from the wallet to the whim … But before entering this field, you should play with “ABRP” to create your own paths and compare different paths and models.

The trip Paris – Montpellier (630km) is: – regular: 5 stops and 1h30 total charge – long distance: 3 stops and 45 minutes total charge – performance: 4 stops and 56 minutes total charge A Paris – Caen trip will ask by abandoning the standard and performance, when great freedom will arrive at a stroke.

As mentioned earlier, I went from a Diesel to an electric car and my fear was being sued for not being able to do 1000km in one go. At this point, it is important to calculate the number of long trips per year. As for me, the analysis has no appeal and stays for a long time 3 a year. So it is very easy to take a 45 minute break 6 times a year.

We must remove the speeches of the developers

The most difficult thing is to get rid of the speeches of producers. Personally, I chose the long range for its versatility, its four-wheel drive and its power for the bonus effects of being more attractive but without sacrificing performance.

The standard version of SR is the best economical choice for the best service. 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds is already very fast.

For those who doubt it, it’s half the size of many current cars and on the scale of a good sports car. Bigger battery life is on the higher entry ticket. Freedom is better. It is a 4 wheel drive and its sound system is much better than the premium version of the regular model.

0 to 100 km / h goes in 4.4s like a Porsche 911. I point out because electric Porsches are slower than the model 3 unless you extend the bill to the price of the model S. The performance is the pleasure of the circuit at the weekend but at the expense of the comfort of every day and use modified with 20 inch rims. Acceleration in 3.3s from 0 to 100km/h and very big brakes for the track.

Conclusion: No regrets and if I had seen this before I would have never hesitated to remove the hate. Sound, comfort, performance and handling are top notch.

This car is a great achievement and a real daily pleasure… I forgot: the boot is big and as if that wasn’t enough there is still a boot in the front.

There is a “but”: the painting is weak and you need to invest in protection of the type of bodywork film, the roof is fixed and very dark when there is little light, the camera is often dirty and sometimes wipers ice cream to make a living!

Headlining show coming up?

My tip of the day: I personally don’t understand why there isn’t a title display, especially since the tablet is becoming a simple device. It will make a lot of sense in this car. It is also a call from the foot to equipment manufacturers for the second meeting!

A great Christmas gift for next year.