Test: Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, the best sports car?

Test: Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, the best sports car?

Porsche first used the GTS alphabet to place cars intended for competition. Today, they have become the hallmarks of sports. They promise change that is close to the GT3 while enjoying the comfort of Carrera. On paper, it looks like the best sports car. But what about in practice? We were able to discover in Italy on the Targa board, but also in the Coupé version on the street and on the circuit!

Little ingredients

GTS is above all in appearance not like the others. As usual, the model gets a slightly modified SportDesign package. There are also special rims with medium nuts as well as plenty of dark details: from wheels to lanterns to exhaust, everything is black! Unlike the GT3 aerodynamic attachments, all of these changes remain subtle. They still contribute to making the car more aggressive. Whether red, green or gray, it is always 911 with an instant recognition feature. Coming up, enough about her bodywork, it’s time to get behind the wheel!

There are worse places to pass …

Once in the cabin, we are at 992. The buttons have provided screens and touch panels. We are thankful that Porsche has not pushed the outlet too far by dropping a few knots as well as some features that can be accessed directly from the center dashboard. The end result is balanced and, as usual with a German manufacturer, it is very well completed. A small touch that emits bananas even before ignition is this elegant analog tachometer placed in front of the driver.

In this GTS, and as we had seen in Taycan, Alcantara is king! Porsche calls it Race-tex and it is everywhere, from the seats to the steering wheel to the gear elbow as long as you select the manual box. The icing on the cake is the carbon bucket seats directly outside the GT3. It is very sad that it is an option of approximately € 6,000 …

It pushes, and it pushes hard!

Located directly on the rear axle, there is no atmospheric restriction but a 3 liter flat turbo 6 as in other Carrera. Except that it grows here 480 hp and 570 Nm of torque available from 2,300 rpm! In other words, it pushes hard, and all the time! If we can regret the slightest embarrassing sounds in the more conventional versions, special sports smoke gives more character to GTS. Nor do you turn into an opera singer you can hear for miles, which is probably not a bad thing. After all, this version is also intended for daily use.

This process, as usual, is integrated with the Porsche PDK adoption. Quickly and efficiently, there is nothing to complain about the manufacturer’s excellent two-clutch transmission, which has proven itself over the years. Without additions (or discounts …) Porsche agrees to replace the latter with a 7-speed manual gearbox. And we see no reason to give up! First, because you can easily adjust the extra speed. Then, because the lever falls perfectly in the hand and you feel strange in real time when the report is shared. As a small bonus, its stroke is shortened in the GTS and, in game mode, the car automatically adjusts the heel toe. Switching gears are pure fun, even if you don’t need them at all because the engine has a lot of torque.

Real Athlete

Under the sun, it was inside the Targa version of the character that we came across on the street. The manual gearbox, which can be adjusted with a glass at the tip of the nose, we were not tired! Beware, however, of the turbulence caused by the air entering the cabin. It is better to run with open windows and fully enjoy the sound of the exhaust than to be disturbed by the wind.

On Italian roads that are not in good condition, the GTS quickly makes it known that it is on top of a sports car! Its special chassis is more complex than that of Carrera. Its 20-inch rims on the front and 21 on the back do not help … So do not rely on the wheel to drive comfortably. He prefers to eat a series of rolls instead of taking the time to taste them. Accurate, lively and direct, it is impossible to use its full potential on open roads. Fortunately the Vallelunga circuit was not far away…

And on the circuit?

Once on the track, we took the opportunity to change the coupé version with the PDK gearbox. With an all-wheel drive, this 911 game is not really poetic and slippery, but effective! Better to be put on her support thanks to her broader songs compared to the previous generation and well supported by her 4-wheel drive, it is not easy to blame this GTS! However, as we said earlier, the 6 flat turbo is very pushy! Fortunately, this Porsche brakes too! It must be said that behind these special rims are the recordings and calipers of Turbo! As an option, for around € 10,000…, GTS can be fitted with ceramic brakes.

Oh, and again …

Not surprisingly, this Carrera 4 GTS is not cheap. A 4-wheeled coupe vessel starts at € 157,312.10. Price € 171,953.10 for Targa 4 GTS! And of course you will understand, these prices are far from including a small option… The text that we were able to take the wheel on the road costs 20,000 € plus the departure price of Targa. Lo. As for the car we drove on the road with these lovely bucket seats, it would be over € 30,000 more than a coupe! Show again …

Our decision

Is the 911 GTS the best sports car? In any case, he is not far from it. In the 4-wheel drive version, it unfortunately prefers efficiency for fun. As for its suspension, it is probably a little more consistent for everyday use. For others, however, it is flawless! Power, speed and precision, is a real driving aid, especially with a manual gearbox! Finally, it is not surprising that it is converted to a large amount of money …

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