Test: Polestar 2 on the attack

Test: Polestar 2 on the attack


TestPolestar 2 on the attack

ELECTRIC – Affordable, stylish and comfortable, the Polestar 2 sets the brand’s foundations well.

After a punchy arrival on the market with a combination of sports, luxury and exclusive, Polestar got to the heart of the matter with its “2”. Volvo’s subsidiary and parent company Geely is targeting 100% electric models. Thanks to this star of Pole 2, the manufacturer comes to hunt on the land of Tesla 3, with arguments.

Inside, the Swedish connection is visible: a pleasant and unique environment, “permanent” materials of good quality. Placed on the XC40 platform, the sedan shows the correct accommodation, even if the attractive templates feel cramped at the back.

There is no power button, the key is enough. Using the “D” connector, we started comfortably combining stability and excellent support. A well-tuned chassis – again, thanks Volvo – adds to the pleasant interior and driving experience. Our “long-range single motor” version, with two-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, has a larger battery capacity and a longer range (read the technical data sheet).

If the performance is below the “two engines” with its 408 horsepower, the model should be more satisfactory for those who want to direct their budget to option packages and afford long-distance trips. Because here, acceleration is very sufficient to get out of city traffic or enter the expressway. Above all, there is a pleasant surprise: the measure of “fat” does not melt like snow in the sun. And this, even launched on the highway at a “good” 130 km / h.

The range coordinator provides information on estimated fuel consumption in real time, based on driving style and route. The infotainment system uses Android and includes navigation via Google Maps.

Once the destination has been entered, it shows the level of storage at the time of arrival, and shows charging points along the route, with the type of charger and payment methods. Lots of valuable and accurate pointers.

Add the excellent “one pedal” mode, very strong if desired, and which, after a short adaptation period, plays its role perfectly, and an average consumption of 20 kw/h is easily achieved. You can also aim below to exceed 400 actual kilometers without plugging in.

Tested model: Polestar 2 Long range single motor Pack Plus

Dimensions: height 4.60 m; width 1.89m; Height of 1.47m

Boot volume: mini 405 liters + front boot 35 l

Battery: 78 kWh, lithium ion

Charging: 35 minutes (150 kW), 8 hours (16 kW), 40 hours (2.2 kW)

Consumption: 17.1kW/100km