Test Opel Astra Sportstourer: Successful operation

Test Opel Astra Sportstourer: Successful operation

Despite the increase in the SUV offer, it is impossible for Opel not to offer a station wagon version of its Astra as the model is still very successful. Especially since the new model can be produced at low cost: it shares many of its features with the sedan, which is a complete copy down to the rear doors. The rear lights are also similar, reducing production costs. Everything is put together in an elegant and powerful way, especially this famous spoiler that covers the rear window.

On board

The total length reaches 4.64 m, which opens up a generous boot of 608 liters on petrol and diesel versions, 548 on this hybrid version where the battery is placed under the floor. By folding the seat backs in three places, you get 1,457 liters and 1.85 m of usable height behind the front seats! Do the exercises. It is too bad, however, that the length of the 5.7 cm wheelbase does not benefit the legs of the rear occupants. The position is the same, nothing more.

The on-board furniture is characterized by its dual Clear Panel screen for all settings, supported by shortcut keys on the large headrest and steering wheel. All this with careful manufacturing quality. In terms of equipment, the German draws all the best from the main bank of the parent company Stellantis to provide a complete endowment: active driving assistance, automatic emergency braking, integrated multimedia with wireless Carplay and Android Auto, etc. And as usual for Opel, seats approved by the German health organization (AGR) provide full support and comfort, and a heated steering wheel is included!

On the road

The engine version consists of 110 and 130 hp petrol units, and a 130 hp diesel. To these are added two renewable hybrid engines of 180 or 225 hp. The most common of these combines a 150 hp 1.6l petrol engine with a 110 hp electric motor. It is on this that the car starts by default, in electric mode for about fifty kilometers – in fact – promised by the battery. The Hybrid mode makes it possible to change the distribution between the two engines to increase consumption, while the Sport mode will make it possible to have 180 hp of combined power. In any case, the Astra shows a lot of smoothness on the road, and shows a good level of comfort despite the large 18-inch rims of our test copy. In addition, the soundproofing is always excellent, even when the petrol engine intervenes, always very gently and discreetly. As for consumption, it will of course depend on your consumption habits and your diligence in recharging the battery, but Opel advertises 1.1 l/100km in the WLTP combination, or 26 g CO2/km.

Budgeting and Closing

From this test, we will retain a pleasant, well-built and technological interior. But above all, the pleasure and sweetness of the hybrid. The final price of the Opel Astra Sportstourer 180 hp hybrid has not yet been revealed but should be around €37,750, or €1,500 more than the sedan.