Test: Maserati Ghibli, an “entry” sedan that costs R$ 730 thousand |  columnists

Test: Maserati Ghibli, an “entry” sedan that costs R$ 730 thousand | columnists

There is no recipe for a happy marriage, but getting to know your partner (well) before tying the knot is a good start. I broke this belief in my brief communication with Ghibli. He’s not my type, but he’s a catch.

Find one maserati it’s rare, like finding good companions. In Brazil, there is only one point of sale – the store is in São Paulo, in the Jardins area. O Ghibli it’s sold here and it makes a sales pitch that melts hearts: it’s the last in a line with it Ferrari engine, V6 biturbo 3.0 of 354 hp and 50.9 kgfm. It also shares a transmission with the “other”: an eight-speed ZF gearbox.

Just like it’s expensive to have a dream wedding, it’s expensive to take a Ghibli home. It is R$ 690 thousand for the “entry” version. The Ghibli S Q4 upgrade costs another 40,000 BRL – total BRL 730 thousand. The most expensive configuration comes with the same engine, only with more power and torque: 435 hp and 59.1 kgfm. Traction also changes, from rear to all-wheel drive.

Maserati Ghibli (Photo: Advertising) — Photo: Auto Esporte

This price puts it on par with other “best pairs”: a Porsche Panamera 4S.
My first encounter with Ghibli took place in Italy, on the narrow streets of Bologna. There, he showed me the care of his construction. Finishing is one of its positive points. It is easy to see how the materials and vendors were carefully selected. But there are also signs of an old relationship: Maserati was “exported” by the FCA group in 1993. Seats, also shared by Ferrari, they are very good. The upholstery company that made the chairs was Italian fashion house Poltrona Frau.

The ceiling is completely covered with Alcantara. In the center console and doors, details in carbon fiber and forged steel (but there is also a wood option). The entire panel is rubberized – there is only hard plastic on the side of the console.

The ceiling is completely covered with Alcantara. In the center of the dashboard and doors, details in carbon fiber and brushed steel (but there is also a wood option) (Photo: Disclosure) — Photo: Auto Esporte

If in the exchange of cooperation between the brands Ghibli won a luxury sofa from Ferrari, the TV came from Jeep. Trust me: the multimedia center has the same 8.4-inch screen as the Compass.
The panel also has the same spelling as the American brand designs. The simpler aspect of the screen, however, is compensated by speed: fast and intuitive. Surreal is the sound quality: the The sound is managed by the famous Bowers and Wilkins. There are 15 speakers and 1,280 Watts. There’s also a traditional analog clock on the dash, like every Maserati.

A strong marriage is one that faces both joy and sorrow – and for that you have to turn a blind eye. In the case of a sedan, small space in the back seat. The middle channel separates the couple, and the back channel has no temperature adjustment (the air has only two zones).

The sunroof could be bigger, but there is a net on the rear window to protect passengers from the sun. If there is no space in the closet, then trunk it’s big. There are 500 liters which are very useful – you can travel by car on your honeymoon.

After discussing the relationship on the interior, it’s time to start the car. Just leave the key in the target position for the center console. Inspired by the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the start button is on the left side of the steering wheel. THE the gauntlet bears the emblem of the trident.

The Ghibli S Q4 upgrade costs another BRL 40,000 – a total of BRL 730,000 (Photo: Disclosure) – Photo: Auto Esporte

Behind the wheel, it seems that the sports car is light and small. O The exchange reacts quickly in any situation, whether in warm Sport or in smooth ICE, designed to save fuel and not slip on slippery floors. Accuracy in turns is supported by technology: the software recognizes driving style and road conditions and adjusts gear changes. It’s what guarantees a strong feeling, like that brief moment when you walk up to the altar.

THE operation is very light and straightforward. Ghibli accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 4.7 s and its top speed is 286 km / h. Another positive thing is the silence in the cabin. The suspension is difficult to give a play, but it does not disturb the declaration of the vote. The sedan will be able to skillfully combine luxury, comfort and sport. The chances of happiness with Ghibli are high – be it forever while it lasts.

The Ghibli accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and has a top speed of 286 km/h (Photo: Disclosure) — Photo: Auto Esporte

Front, longitudinal, cylinder 6. in V, 3.0, 24V, dual control, biturbo, direct fuel injection

435 hp at 5,750 rpm

59.1 kgfm at 2,250 rpm

Automatic, 8 gears
and all-wheel drive

Triangle arms (front) and multilink (rear)

245/40 R20 (front)
285/35 R20 (rear)

Height: 4.97 m
Width: 1.94 m
Height: 1.46 m
Wheel base: 2.99 m

The trunk
500 liters (manufacturer)

Multimedia center
8.4 inches, touch sensitive