Test drive 2023 Toyota SW4 SRX |  rebimboca

Test drive 2023 Toyota SW4 SRX | rebimboca

When I was offered a 2023 Toyota SW4 SRX which you see in the pictures of this post to evaluate, I immediately tried to come up with a text that would allow me to use the car in what I think is the best for this type of SUV, which includes a trip through. different roads, from the best asphalt to the world. poorly maintained.

And since I’m a typical urban eater, of course, I also drive a lot through Rio de Janeiro’s waterlogged traffic, including during rush hour. And it is on the basis of this short but varied experience that I put together this post.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

Well for starters, let’s get into context: with a length of 4,795 meters and a weight of 2,175 tons, the SW4 is the largest of Toyota’s SUVs in Brazil and indeed their “roots”, with costs today, from R $ 378,190.00 *. Derived from the popular mid-size HiLux trucks for being hard to drop, designed to withstand tough conditions. That’s why you can’t say, although it’s not the wrong way in the wrong way, don’t just act like a traveler and take us to the wrong way.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

Average size for North Americans, for us, or at least for me, he is quite large and having to guide him through the crowded streets of Rio, at first, can be a little intimidating for those who are not used to it. Fortunately, this was not my case. If you look here at Rebimboca’s archive and TV Rebimboca you will find other videos with similar sized cars. That is, I even have good benchmarks for comparison.

So, the first thing that really struck me as soon as I took it off the shelf was its softness. Come on, navigating this big car in traffic requires more city — ours and others, anyway. But, on the other hand, with a very high driving position and looks worthy of a conning tower, things are much easier. And it’s easier because of, let’s say, a smooth trigger effect and a six-speed automatic transmission. If you step a little, he will respond gently.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

And, as in any heavy and long car like this, of course, it is recommended to expect a little stop, to keep a large distance from the car in front – even because the view over the hood does not include what is in the car. stop height – shock and, when in doubt, even with the sounds of distance sensors, a reduction of at least one meter is a good idea.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

In addition, the steering has a lot more play than you might think for a car of this size with big wheels and tires. It is better than that of small service. And you see this not only in traffic, but especially when parking. Parking such a small beast in those places where I leave compact models or, more likely, mid-sized SUVs was, again, easier than I feared it would be. Check out the picture of him standing in my garage – and please don’t fix the mess. Of course, a good reversing camera helps a lot. It is important to mention that the steering assistance used (still) is of the hydraulic type, which for example with a twisted engine (50.9 kgfm) does not steal power, but it is one of the signs of the age of its project.

down the road

But things get even better, when you put this SW4 on the road. It is in this type of environment that its big diesel engine with almost 51 kg of torque and 204 horse power has a chance to prove its usefulness, happily moving more than two tons. The automatic transmission works well, it understands well when you need to stretch the revs a little and put your foot on the trigger harder, especially if you turn on the “power” option. So the diesel roar also gets louder, giving the impression of, say, a direct interaction of your controls with the car. There is even an ECO schedule, saving fuel, and of course Normal.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

And, especially on a steep nature, it has the ability to descend using the butterflies behind the steering wheel, which is always very important and increases safety.

In fact, the car is long, 1.83 meters and has large 18-inch wheels and high-quality tires, which with a long suspension travel clearly conveys every bump or biggest hole in the road, bringing some vibration. The SW4 is soft and less suitable for faster corners. But, with good sense, we climbed the hill at a good pace, passing trucks and slow moving cars with ease.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

And, on flat surfaces, maintaining the permitted 110 km/h is a breeze. Judgment and assembly of electronic guardian angels on standby, which includes stability and traction control, pre-collision, braking, emergency braking and ramp assistants; blind spot detector, pedestrian and cyclist, lane change and rear traffic alert with adaptive cruise control (ACC) and six airbags (front, side and curtain).

Toyota SW4 2022

In addition to features, say electromechanical, a comfortable driving position – a traditional luxury truck style – contributes to this stability. In addition to the height already mentioned in relation to the floor on which the road is guided and tracked, a leather seat with synthetic materials and electric adjustments – although it may be a little more helpful -, the steering wheel and the controls are there. good enough for you not to remember them, either during or after the trip. And the instrument panel, if it does not bring the abundance of features and settings that we find in all types of cars in this price category, it shows everything that is needed and, in a way, even makes life a little easier.

Inside, the speedometer and tachometer are on two large analog dials, as they have been used there for at least the last 50 years. And, among them, there is a digital TFT screen, where you can change different information from the on-board computer. There are automatic lights for the headlights, but not for the wipers in case of rain.

The sound (JBL) is good and you can control it using the buttons on the steering wheel or the multimedia screen which, with an 8-inch screen, looks a little small for the size of the dashboard, but it does the trick. To open and close the very heavy trunk lid, it only takes the touch of a button, but if you want or need to open the hood, in front, I hope you have your weight so far, because there is none. even springs or shock absorbers.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

The air conditioner has a digital control and has stores of three rows of benches, which, at the back, are on the ceiling, using space and also the laws of physics – hot air goes up and cold goes down, remember. your studies at school?

If the space is generous in the second row of seats, in the third – with two folding seats connected to the sides – things are a little more. In good faith, up to two adults of average height can travel there, but they should definitely be well-behaved children. About this, by the way, it is important to mention the very efficient internal lighting of the car, in LED, enough even to find lost toys and, finally, calm the animal.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

I left the asphalt

The last part of our outing consisted of about 10 kilometers of dirt, which got a little difficult in the last kilometer, steeper and more potholed. I even drove all-wheel drive on that last stretch, even though there was no real need. And, in order to record some scenes and take pictures, I looked for a place with the worst conditions, however, far from being a difficult thing for a road tripper.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

For these more difficult conditions, on very slippery floors, mud and greater differences, for example, it will be possible to use reduced gears and, in the worst case, a differential lock, which makes the power of the engine reach them all equally. permanent wheels.

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023

The interesting thing is that all of these are very easy to use, enabling buttons that are what you expect to be and recognized by graphics / icons that are very easy to understand. And, of course, such ease of manipulation, which makes it not difficult to park the SW4 in the space, also contributes to preventing it from getting stuck on the road.

Finally, driving more than 400 km, the average consumption was 11 km per liter of diesel, according to the on-board computer.

Good use, but it may be very low in the future. That’s because Toyota is one of the brands that has invested the most in electrifying their models, especially with hybrid options. Although nothing prevents the existence of diesel cars of this type, these combinations – combustion + electric motion – usually use gasoline or convertible engines and, not so long ago, Toyota itself released the SW4 version, with a 2.7-liter engine. jars. That’s why cars like the SRX are part of what could be the last generation of its kind. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts – although the price, as you can see below, is not very encouraging.


Version – value from

SRX 5 seats – BRL 378,190.00

SRX 7 seats – BRL 384,690

Diamond 7 seats – BRL 423,890

GR-Sport 7 seats – BRL 433,190.00

Toyota website prices on 9.9.2022, Brasília reference

Toyota SW4 SRX 2023