Test car: Honda HR-V, unknown rival of Peugeot 2008

Test car: Honda HR-V, unknown rival of Peugeot 2008

The new Honda HR-V has a more expressive front end and elegant proportions. (© Honda)

Maybe you know Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur or Nissan Juke. But does the name Honda HR-V mean anything to you?

of Japanese crossover However, it has been around longer than many of the current market stars in the sub-category Urban SUVs. But with us, he continues to be isolated from customers.

To finally emerge from oblivion, This HR-V gets a makeover and moving to a new generation of designs, showing clean and simplified lines.

With its “four-door coupé” style, its more expressive front and slim proportions, it will not alienate discerning lovers without, however, being completely unknown.

Honda HR-V.
Honda HR-V has a dashboard with modern ergonomics. (© Honda)

It also strives to display a well-finished dashboard with modern ergonomics. And very spacious rear seats.

It is only safe, correct in absolute terms, it marks a slight step against its more endowed opponents.

One hybrid engine

Placed behind the steering wheel, you don’t hear any noise when you start the engine. And for good reason: it is a hybrid mechanism, able to work in an electric version up to 50 km / h.

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The system develops a respectable power of 131 horsepower, providing adequate performance in all conditions without making it thunderous.

If sports enthusiasts have their way, others will appreciate better driving comfort and, above all, fuel consumption: the HR-V is satisfied with less than five liters in the city and remains less than six liters on the extra-urban route. .

Honda HR-V.
Honda HR-V is able to run in the electric version up to 50 km / h. (© Honda)

High price but very well put together

With a base price set at €31,520 in Executive trim, the new Honda HR-V looks better than Renault Captur or Peugeot 2008 at first glance (since the second business respectively from 22,450 and 23 €850).

But compared to competing models with similar equipment and power, the price advantage leans towards the Japanese.

As usual, it has features like adaptive cruise control, automatic air conditioning, smartphone connectivity (Apple Carplay/Android Auto) via a large touchscreen, front and rear parking radars and a reversing camera.

The power of this good balance of price and performance and this very low consumptionThe HR-V therefore has every chance of finally becoming known to the general public.

Cedric Pinatel

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