Test bench |  Kia Sportage Racing

Test bench | Kia Sportage Racing

The SUV market is full. And the Kia Sportage should rub shoulders with Ford Escape, Subaru Forester and Volkswagen Tiguan.

Posted May 11

Eric LeFrancois
special cooperation

Ford Escape

Price: from $ 29,699

Just like Tucson, the latest generation of Ford’s Escape is longer and wider than the previous one. Although the roof line has been reduced, Escape is careful to provide a high seating space, especially for the rear seats, where the bench seat can slide a few inches. The interior presentation of this car, on the other hand, is bright. Sportage is in this regard the most modern and most rewarding. On the road, the character is surprisingly neutral and takes care of Escape’s magic even more than that of Sportage. Escape is very fun to drive, but a highly charged three-cylinder engine disappoints the driver. 2 L is more suitable, but we prefer a hybrid version of the plug-in instead of the hybrid version, even if the latter has only a two-wheel drive …

Subaru Forester

Price: from $ 29,495


Jangwani Subaru Forester Edition

According to data collected by car manufacturers, Forester buyers are currently among the oldest in the class. In order to revive its customers, Subaru expands alternatives and explicitly targets entertainment lovers (Wilderness Edition, our photo). To do this, a star-studded brand depends on the efficiency of its all-wheel drive vehicle. This gives it an astonishing effect on prices, it must be said, of high consumption like that of Sportage. Also, despite the good construction quality, Forester does not fit like Sportage and unfortunately does not have any hybrid versions.

volkswagen tiguan

Price: from $ 33,695


Volkswagen Tiguan 2022

Volkswagen is not proud, but the Tiguan mansion has a third row of seats on board. This is one of the optional features, starting with the Comfortline version. These extra seats, without surprises, are intended for young children or for broken support. Compared to Sportage, the Tiguan engine is more expressive and simpler. Its gearbox shows, in turn, a smooth and well-planned finish. But where this Volkswagen loses most is on the issue of improvement, quality of presentation and the absence of hybrid engines. This German service is getting a new version of 2022 (our picture), but the changes mainly affect beauty and connectivity.

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