Tesla’s second factory in Shanghai |  CAR JEWS AND SPORTS

Tesla’s second factory in Shanghai | CAR JEWS AND SPORTS

Tesla officially confirms that it will build another factory in Shanghai. This should later provide about half a million cars a year.

Tesla seems to be very pleased with its plant in Shanghai, China – Americans are now creating seconds there. Tesla announced this in a letter to Chinese authorities, in which the manufacturer thanked them for resuming production after the closure. The letter is available from Reuters news agency.

About half a million cars again

Tesla states in a letter dated May 1, 2022 that China’s second factory will be built next to the first and that the new factory will produce approximately 450,000 cars a year by the time it is completed. Tesla did not give a start date for construction. Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, which has been producing cars since early 2020, was built by Tesla within a year – it should produce 500,000 cars a year at full capacity. In addition, Tesla is currently in the process of expanding production capacity in this factory. In both factories together, Tesla can produce more than a million cars a year.


Common to major layer manufacturers: At Tesla, too, the body shell gets its first protective layer during cathodic dip coatings.

In their letter, Americans hold out the hope of making Shanghai the world’s largest automotive transportation center. As with the existing plant, the Model 3 and Model Y will be built into the new plant.


Here robots sell individual battery cells.

By 2022 maybe more than a million cars

In 2021, Tesla built more than 930,000 cars. By 2022, the production volume of Gigafactory 4 at Grünheide in Brandenburg will increase, and Tesla is also improving the production of its existing plants – by 2022 Tesla should be producing more than a million vehicles. By 2024, with Gigafactory 5 in Texas and a second factory in Shanghai, it could be less than two million cars.

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Tesla still sells its cars as a hot cake: The waiting time is a bit shorter than other manufacturers and when it comes to electronic standards such as range, charging network and ease of charging, Tesla is on top. This keeps customers’ needs high – and Tesla satisfies them by expanding its production capabilities tirelessly.

The fact that Tesla is now building a second factory in China is a sign of how satisfied Americans are with the existing plant. The quality of the Model 3 and Model Y built there appears to be higher than that of the designs from Tesla’s main factory in Fremont, California.

It is astonishing how Tesla boss Elon Musk accepts corona locks in China and gently thanks the government for the termination, while constantly rebelling against the closure of the plant during locks in California.

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