Tesla: Watch the Official Video for “Time to Rock!”

Tesla: Watch the Official Video for “Time to Rock!”

Finally, the song “Time to Rock!” by Tesla, received the long-awaited official music video, which was released by the band this week. About the new song, frontman Jeff Keith told “The Chuck Shute Podcast”: “We’ve been playing it live since June 11th, when we did our home show here in Sacramento. So we played it live and put it in the set… Like all songs Tesla’s, we like to have that raw, live feel, and this song has that raw, live feel. So we just play it live.”

Regarding the inspiration for the song “Time To Rock!”, Jeff said, “It’s that kind of song that, you know, what you can have when you go to a show, you just want to relax and this song is about that. . Don’t just let things go, but let them go.” just and still hold them tightly in your hands, but just let things go and let your hair down for four and a half minutes… We’re old dogs, but I still like to write new things, because sometimes, being as distant as we are , you can go out and play your 1986 back catalog for whatever, but we like to put new stuff out there; we just like to write songs. So it’s fun to have a new song… But yeah, so it’s good to have stuff that we write , and we’re actually doing a little something.”

Watch the official music video for “Time To Rock!” below.

O Tesla It is composed of Frank Hannon (guitar), Brian Wheat (bottom), Jeff Keith (voice), Dave Rude (guitar) and Steve Brown (dance). Below you can see the cover art for the single “Time To Rock!”:

Source: Blabbermouth.net

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