Tesla victims of serious (and probably irreparable) security breach – L’annuel de l’automobile

Tesla victims of serious (and probably irreparable) security breach – L’annuel de l’automobile

A flaw in the Bluetooth protocol affects the security of hundreds of millions of connected locks… including Tesla’s.

They are bigger and bigger than Tesla cars: they are all integrated locks that use the latest version of the Bluetooth protocol called “Bluetooth Low Energy” that can be opened by anyone remotely. who is aware of this effect.

This protocol sends signals to detect when a “trusted” device is nearby and when it is, turns on or unlocks the device. All you need to do to bypass this protocol is to simply use a “relay” that sends a signal picked up from a trusted device (like a smartphone) no matter where it is on the planet. Pirates place this relay near the lock sensor and jump!, it unlocks as if you were near it.

It was computer security researchers from the large British NCC Group who discovered the flaw and then demonstrated it by remotely unlocking and then taking control of the Tesla Model Y. We know that the Model Y is the cheapest SUV in the Tesla range and it is also a very popular style here in Quebec.

Another bad news in this case: it seems that the flaw in the question cannot be corrected using a software update. It’s the digital equivalent of copying a key and then using that copy to break into people’s homes.

Obviously, the best way to protect against this type of threat would be to avoid buying devices that use technology like this that was not designed to be used as a security device. But we don’t live in an ideal world, so you have to fall back on the fact that the chances are still very low that a pair of hackers will try to “steal” your phone’s signal to get it back into your car. it’s somewhere else on the planet and thus stealing from you…

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