Tesla reveals new image of humanoid robot Optimus;  Take a look

Tesla reveals new image of humanoid robot Optimus; Take a look

In a meeting with shareholders held on Thursday (4), Tesla showed a teaser image of Optimus, a humanoid robot that a car company is developing. During the event, CEO Elon Musk surprised everyone by announcing that he intends to show a working prototype of the device at the end of next month.

Used to promote Tesla’s upcoming event – AI Day #2 —, scheduled for release on September 30, the image only shows Optimus’ robotic hands forming a heart and allows identification of the devices.

At last year’s AI Day, Tesla’s bot was represented by a humanoid actor wearing a costume similar to the humanoids we see in sci-fi movies. Although it was clearly just another joke by Elon Musk, many critics said the show was just meant to be to hide that the robot project cannot be implemented.

What to expect from the Tesla Optimus robot?

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Initially designed to perform basic general services in the automotive industry, Tesla Optimus will be 1.75 m long, weigh 112 kg and have a speed of 8 km / h with an initial load capacity of 20 kg. However, eyes Yours promises to be very powerful, as they will use the same camera as AutoPilot, which will give you 225 times the computing power of Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti.

In yesterday’s meeting, Musk reiterated his belief in the humanoid robot business and said product development is ongoing Tesla’s top priority in 2022 in relation to other products. In one, the billionaire predicted: “I suspect that the Optimus will be worth more than the car in the long run. It will turn the whole concept of economics upside down.”