Tesla removes the free mobile charger from its vehicles, will have to buy a separate cable

Tesla removes the free mobile charger from its vehicles, will have to buy a separate cable

Tesla has stopped including its Mobile Connector in purchasing new cars. Unfortunately for future owners of Tesla, you will now have to buy a cable aside if you want to burn your car to a standard electric current.

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There are several ways to charge one of Tesla’s electric cars. Most customers have a a special wall connector installed inside their homeand the company operates tens of thousands of stations Supercharja that can charge your car for tens of minutes.

However, some customers also used a special cable that allowed them to charge their electric vehicle from a common power station. Charging takes longer, but customers have the advantage of being able to charge their car wherever they want. The problem is that Tesla will stop distributing its “Mobile Connector” cable.because customers were not enough they were using it.

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You will have to buy a different cable, but Tesla will reduce its price

According to the Electrek website, instead of including free mobile chargers for each car, Tesla has started selling them separately for $ 400 for Level 2 payments and $ 275 for Level 1. However, drivers showed their anger quickly on social media, which it made Elon. Musk declares it the price would be reduced to just $ 200 for a standard 2 pack.

Tesla will also make sure it is ” easy to order by car In addition, the manufacturer will automatically add more adapters to the charging equipment than previously included, as well as reduced prices by half. Tesla cable allows you to recharge 18 miles of freedom per charge hour.

Apple technology giant made the same decision in 2020, when it stopped providing chargers and audio heads with its iPhone. Reports indicate that the company saved nearly $ 6.5 billion from the move. Tesla’s decision has also been criticized, with users sharing their dissatisfaction on social media.

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