Tesla opened a poll on Twitter to let users choose a Supercharger location

Tesla opened a poll on Twitter to let users choose a Supercharger location

Knowing the battery life of a Tesla car has recently become a major concern among consumers considering purchasing a Tesla car.


To solve this problem, Tesla has created more than 35,000 electric refueling stations called Superchargers around the world. With recharging done at these locations, a powered vehicle can travel over 321 kilometers (200 miles) in 15 minutes.

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Last Thursday (9), the Tesla Charging account shared a post on Twitter about holding a poll within the forum to allow people to vote and choose a new location for the next Supercharger.

To select the locations that will be eligible to vote through the poll, Tesla encourages people to suggest locations in the comments on the post, and locations that are favored by the company will be included in the “survey”.

Although Superchargers already exist in various places around the world, people are suggesting places that are not at all where Tesla charging stations usually are or places that don’t have them yet.

Two weeks ago, Tesla shared a post on its Linkedin profile where it announced that it was doubling the size of its dedicated Canadian team to expand its charging sites across Canada, once again showing its focus on working to expand its network.

Tesla Credit: ZD Net

According to a memo released in June by the White House, Supercharger’s expansion in the United States is also underway. “Tesla is making investments in its Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York to support the rollout of new stations to add to its fast-charging network.”

The memo also said that Tesla is working to expand Supercharger to non-Tesla EV drivers in North America. This makes Tesla need to increase its Supercharger production to meet EV charging needs.

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