Tesla Model Y with five stars from Euro NCAP, the Safety Agency

Tesla Model Y with five stars from Euro NCAP, the Safety Agency

In addition to all the technologies he puts in his cars, Tesla is also very concerned about the safety of drivers and passengers. For this, several protective measures have been implemented, which prevent dangerous situations.

Of course, to prove this protection, Tesla has to submit its cars to safety agency evaluations. That step has now been taken by the Model Y, which passed all tests with flying colors and received a five-star rating from Euro NCAP, the European Safety Agency.

Tesla Model Y with full rating

Tesla has an almost perfect record of safety ratings for its vehicles. There are several models that have passed different tests and evaluations, always with almost perfect scores and always above what many competitors can achieve with their models.

The latest test, this time it is finished and Euro NCAP, put in an evaluation of what Tesla put as safety measures for the Model Y. Naturally the results could not be more positive for the brand, which also received another five-star rating for this car, which is the highest possible.

Tesla Model Y Euro NCAP safety cars

Euro NCAP was awarded 5 stars in the review

The Euro NCAP test measures four different areas and evaluates the important areas for protection. Thus, we have the ability of the car to protect adults; his ability to protect children; protection afforded to road users and safety assistance features.

The rated Model Y is now being manufactured at Tesla's new factory in Berlin, and it scored high in all tests. Therefore, and in the Protection of Adult Residents, it had 97%, a value close to 98% for Safety Support, with other scores almost perfect. Excellent marks from the road stand and a new camera-based driver monitoring system completed these results.

Vehicle safety is important to the brand

Euro NCAP also praised some of the measures that Tesla implemented outside the standard car range. Model Y has cameras to detect objects and other vehicles on the road, which helps in driving and subsequently preventing accidents.

These top results for the Model Y follow in line with other scores previously achieved by the brand's other models. It is evidence that brand is not slowu in its safety standards and which continues to invest in this important area.