Tesla is on the brink of disaster according to Elon Musk

Tesla is on the brink of disaster according to Elon Musk

The statement comes from Elon Musk himself – through a river interview given to Tesla Owners Club in Silicon Valley. The interviews were recorded on May 30, 2022, and covered Gigafactory, the creation of Fully Autonomous Driving (FSD), and various other Tesla topics.

But the great thing from this interview is that Tesla is not doing well right now. When invited to talk about Austin’s Gigactory in Texas, Elon Musk admitted “The factory is losing a lot of money right now because we have to produce more cars than we can afford.”

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In fact, Tesla faces the challenge of holding on to a global supply chain. In particular, Tesla does not have the necessary 2170 battery repair tools used in many lines. These tools would remain banned in China to prevent Tesla from fully respecting its schedule.

Austin’s Giga Factory would not be the only problem. Elon Musk also talks about the huge financial losses at Gigafactory in Berlin: “Berlin is in a slightly better condition because the factory started production with 2170 battery-carrying models and did not consider the risk of structural impact resulting from the arrival of 4680 batteries”.

And the entrepreneur adds: “Still in Berlin and Austin the factories are big money makers right now. We would prefer a big deal, which would be proof that money is flowing. Berlin and Austin are losing billions of dollars right now because there are tons of costs that are not being reimbursed for anything.

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Faced with these problems, Elon Musk does not hesitate to raise the threat of bankruptcy. Of course, we must however take the entrepreneur’s statements and his two cents. This is certainly not the first time Elon Musk has portrayed the situation – and it is likely that these problems will be temporary, at least we hope so.