Tesla is lending the Autopilot team to complete the Optimus robot

Tesla is lending the Autopilot team to complete the Optimus robot

With several projects competing at the same time and overlapping priorities, Elon Musk “borrowed” the team responsible for the development of the Autopilot system for cars, to work on the completion of the Optimus humanoid robot project. The Tesla Bot was marked as a “high priority” by the CEO as it is must provide a working example with the AI ​​Day 2 event, scheduled for August 19.

The problem is that Tesla has sold thousands of Pilots and the new features of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package before they are ready. The team that went to strengthen Optimus misses a series of schedules, and in this way the pressure from buyers increases, and some customers even go to court to ensure the delivery of the FSD package.

Elon Musk, for his part, instead of focusing on current problems, announced that Tesla will turn its entire fleet into one million electric robotaxes by the end of the year. Recognizing that this is an (another) impossible goal, he was content to simply expand his FSD into a Beta version for now.

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After all, what is Tesla’s priority?

Many “Tesla owners” around the world are worried that they bought the popular self-driving feature and have received nothing but an apology for the delay. Still, the automaker is now deciding to turn skilled workers to improve the robotics project.

Taunted by one of those owners on Twitter Monday night about the availability of Autopilot, Elon Musk said that he (and thousands of other customers) will have to wait. “Look, the Autopilot AI team is also working on Optimus and (super intelligent) summon/autopark, which have a deadline later this month,” he said.

“Smart Summon” is a function to “summon” the car with the app and Autopark, as the name suggests, allows it to park itself.