Tesla completely turns to Apple and stops shipping cars with integrated chargers, which are now sold separately.

Tesla completely turns to Apple and stops shipping cars with integrated chargers, which are now sold separately.

Tesla changed its long-term policy of connecting each car to a portable charging cable and instead started selling them for $ 400 for Level 2 charging and $ 275 for Level 1 charging.

This point reminds us Apple has removed the USB charging brick that came with the iPhone.

Despite the charge being one of the biggest concerns for electric car buyers, it makes sense that Tesla will include a mobile phone charging cable and every car for sale.

The included set of payments has changed over the years.

Tesla previously included a charging cable with a NEMA 14-50 connector (Level 2) and a standard outlet connector (Level 1).

The manufacturer then decided to disconnect the NEMA 14-50 connector from the included package and included only the NEMA 5-15 adapter, which is a standard port. You can purchase a Level 2 connector separately.

With a maximum capacity of 1.3 kW, the integrated connector enabled charging speeds of between 2 and 3 miles of frequencies per hour. Not much, but still better than nothing and good for a one-night charge.

Without anything better, Tesla owners will be forced to install a Level 2 charging station at home.

Today, Tesla has gone a step further and decided not to include the charging cable with his new cars.

CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla believes the owner’s use is too small to justify providing cable for each new car delivery:

“Usage statistics were very low, so it seemed like a waste. On the (smaller) side, we will include more plug adapters and our portable connector set.”

The move is a reminder of Apple’s decision to stop shipping new iPhones with USB charging bricks a few years ago, and the company also referred to embezzlement at the time.

However, that similarity ended there. Apple can rely on the fact that most customers already own several USB / Electric bricks, but that is unlikely to be the case for Tesla buyers, especially those new to electric cars.

Also, although most users do not use telephone wires too much, it can be very beneficial to stay in the car in the worst case or at the beginning of the ownership experience before installing the base station. home payment.

To add to the concern, two Tesla mobile phone connectors have been listed as “not available” on its website:

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