Tesla car catches fire after 3 weeks parked

Tesla car catches fire after 3 weeks parked

The Tesla S electric car, from Elon Musk’s car manufacturing company, has caught fire, for no reason, after being taken to a junkyard in Sacramento, in the United States, and parked there for three weeks.

The local Fire Department posted several videos and photos of the vehicle on the organization’s Instagram account and revealed that containing the flames was very difficult, especially due to the release of gas in the battery compartment.

“The vehicle was fully involved in the fire and it took a lot of time, water and thinking outside the box to put it out. Crews extinguished the fire, but the vehicle continued to re-ignite and release gas into the battery compartment,” the department explained.

The solution when “thinking outside the box” was very different and involved digging a lot and liters and liters of water (more than 17 thousand liters in total) to put “land on the danger”.

“Tesla was moved to the side to gain access to the battery compartment below. Even with direct penetration, the car would still ignite again, due to the residual heat. Crews and site workers created a small well, placed the car in it and filled the well with water , effectively drowning the battery compartment.

Tesla was completely destroyed after catching fire in a junkyard (Image: Reproduction/@metrofireofsacramento)

More fire cases

The Tesla Model S that caught fire in a junkyard was not the company’s first electric car to be affected by fire. In November 2021, a Model 3 caught fire while being recharged at a home in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, also in the United States.

As with the junkyard, the cause of this fire is unknown. There are doubts, for example, if the user was recharging the car directly from the electric current at home or through a wall box. In addition, an error may occur in the car’s charging software or even in the battery.