Tesla breaks the bank!

Tesla breaks the bank!

At first, Tesla announced an increase in the price of the Tesla Model 3 from 43,800 euros to 46,990, then a second increase of 3,000 euros was made. and bring the model’s entry ticket to 49 990 euro. This priced operation also puts the Tesla Model 3 out of the scope of eligibility for the best ecological bonus of 6,000 euros.

More bonuses for Tesla electric cars

The whole range of Tesla Model is concerned as the Long Autonomy version is currently priced from 58,990 euros and the Performance version from 63,990 euros (the latter therefore leaves a bonus of 2,000 euros). The same goes for the Tesla Model Ywhich goes through an increase of 3,000 euros (in its version of Long Autonomy) and goes for 62,990 euros (not including bonuses anymore).

Tesla takes gambling to pass disputes in the industry up to the end customer

Explaining this option, we can say that like all manufacturers, Tesla suffers from a shortage of electronic components and when production begins in its factory in Germany, The brand must compensate for giggle factory shakes in Shanghai, in China, was also reduced to a recurrence of health problems. Delivery times for Tesla designs are therefore becoming longer, although this varies depending on the design, version and configuration. Finally, Tesla is naturally punished by increasing the cost of raw materials and equipment services. In fact, this brand puts a lot of emphasis on its appeal and its volume is still reduced so as not to be penalized by the end customer, keeping in mind that competition does not have to be the best, especially in terms of delivery times.

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