Telephone numbers 06 and 07 are reserved for individuals from 2023

Telephone numbers 06 and 07 are reserved for individuals from 2023

Telecommunications Controller (Arcep) has just announced a major change in terms of phone numbers, as two numbers will be reserved for individuals by next year.

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While fraud has increased in recent years, whether it is seeking fake CPF training or even a key card scam via SMS, the telecommunications regulator (Arcep) announced on Monday a new measure aimed at ” strengthen the defense “of consumers against” fraud and abuse », and other commercial nuisance calls.

Under the law of November 15, 2021 with the aim of reducing the footprint of the digital technology environment in France, Arcep was able to modify the system of number allocation, and thus define categories of numbers that can be used between individuals or by businesses.

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Businesses must change the numbers next year

From January 1, 2023, the use of telephone numbers starting with 06 or 07 shall be reserved for telecommunication services only” between people “. In other words, only individuals will be allowed to use these numbers. ” For the sake of transparency for registered users, the Authority reserves the use of telephone numbers in 06 and 07 – which have long been associated with the user in the mind of all – for interpersonal communication services only. It therefore involves this type of number and the mandatory provision of operators of at least one telephone and messaging service. “Arcep said in a press release.

For “non-personal” use, ie once the company or a mobile platform » wants to call an individualwill have to switch to the new number type from 09. These numbers can, for example, be used to start a conversation by message between the brand and its customer, or for the very short-term use of telephone numbers for certain situations of short-term communication through the platform (package suppliers, VTC operators, etc. ) “, explained the telecommunications regulator.

So this change will be eagerly awaited by individuals, as it should empower them better to identify who is calling them at a glance, thus strengthening their security against fraudulent calls. We will have to wait to see if this step allows to reduce mobile fraud in a sustainable manneror if Arcep should find new ways to control this fraud.

Source: Arcep