Technical data, engines, applications and versions.

Technical data, engines, applications and versions.

A new design and a lot of technology mark the new HB20 sedan. (Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

On sale starting this August, the new Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023 will arrive with a completely new look, as well as offering more technology for greater connectivity and exclusive products.

All about the new 2023 Hyundai HB20 sedan

The 2023 Hyundai HB20 sedan enters the Brazilian car market with five different versions, two with a five-speed manual transmission and three with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023
Car interior. (Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

Hyundai HB20 sedan versions and prices 2023

Brazil (Except São Paulo)

  • Comfort 1.0 12V Flex 5MT – BRL 85,890
  • Limit 1.0 12V Flex 5MT – BRL 91,390
  • Comfort 1.0 TGDI 12V Flex 6AT – BRL 105,290
  • Platinum 1.0 TGDI 12V Flex 6AT – BRL 111,790
  • Platinum Plus 1.0 TGDI 12V Flex 6AT – BRL 120,990

São Paulo

  • Comfort 1.0 12V Flex 5MT – BRL 88,790
  • Limit 1.0 12V Flex 5MT – BRL 94,490
  • Comfort 1.0 TGDI 12V Flex 6AT – BRL 108,890
  • Platinum 1.0 TGDI 12V Flex 6AT – BRL 115,690
  • Platinum Plus 1.0 TGDI 12V Flex 6AT – BRL 125,290

Updated design with many new features

The appearance of the new Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023 has been significantly changed, bringing new details, more straight and geometric, to give a modern look to the model.

Starting from the front, the new HB20S line received a new front grille, brighter bumper, standard DLR headlights and LED option.

In addition, its length increased by 65 millimeters, being 50 millimeters in the front overhang and 15 millimeters in the rear overhang.

At the back of the car, lights crossing the car from side to side were connected.

Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023
(Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

To complete the large external dimensions, the wheels have increased compared to previous models, from 15 “to 16” rims in light alloy wheels with a diamond finish.

The new 2023 Hyundai HB20 sedan has six exterior paint colors: Onix Black and Atlas White, in solid options, Silk Grey, Brisk Silver and Sand Silver, in metallic options, and Sapphire blue tone.

Advanced technology ensures greater convenience

Hyundai’s connected car service will be present in this version. Bluelink provides alerts, 24-hour emergency assistance, vehicle tracking and prevention in case of theft or theft, among other things.

The instrument panel is now digital, color and interactive. The new Management Cluster is available from the Platinum version and allows the driver to configure safety and comfort items.

Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023
(Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

Remote engine start is one of the new features and is available from the Platinum version onwards. With this system, the driver can start the engine and set the air conditioner remotely, using the key in person.

Another technology available is Stop & Go (ISG). The system allows a reduction in fuel consumption when the car is stopped in traffic, starting and stopping the engine automatically.

The new Hyundai HB20 sedan has a voice command activation button on the steering wheel, as well as a blueMedia multimedia center with an 8 “screen and wireless connectivity via the Google Android Auto or Apple Car Play software.

In addition, the sedan now offers three USB ports, two for charging the battery of a mobile phone or other device, one of which is available for the rear passenger.

Finally, the Platinum plus version has an automatic digital climate function with three levels of severity.

Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023
(Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

enhanced security

SmartSense received new functions for the HB20 line. Hyundai’s advanced safety system has been enhanced for a first-of-its-kind application in the compact segment.

Centering and routing assistant is one of the highlights of this version. If necessary, the system can act to adjust the steering wheel and keep the car on track.

Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023
(Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

The Platinum Plus gets Rear Cross Traffic Assist (RCCA), which seeks to avoid collisions when backing out of a parking space. When detecting an approaching vehicle, the driver receives a warning and, if necessary, the RCCA applies the brakes automatically.

One of the best new features is Safe Exit (SEW). The system detects and warns of an approaching vehicle when the occupant opens the exit door.

Cruise control, six airbags, new side curtain airbags, stability and traction control, blind spot monitoring, emergency brake signal, hill start assist and cruise control come as standard on all versions.

A reversing camera feature, automatic headlight function and a rear parking sensor are available on the Mini, Platinum and Platinum Plus models.

Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023
(Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

Powertrain and performance of the 2023 Hyundai HB20 Sedan

The new Hyundai HB20 Sedan 2023 has two versions with the expected Kappa 1.0 engine and 5-speed gearbox. The remaining three models use the Kappa 1.0 TGDI turbo and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Comfort and Limited are models that use a 1.0-liter engine and can reach up to 80 hp with ethanol and 75 hp with gasoline. They have a maximum torque of 10.2 kgf.m (E) and 9.4 kgf.m (G), as well as a maximum speed of 160 km / h.

The Comfort, Platinum and Platinum Plus models are powered by a 1.0 TGDI turbo and reach 120 hp with gasoline and ethanol. The maximum torque with this engine is 17.5 kgf.m with both fuels. The speed can reach 190 km / h.

Consumption in km/l

Comfort 1.0 5MT and Limited 1.0 5MT:

  • City: 9.4 (E) / 13.2 (L)
  • Road: 10.4 (E) / 14.8 (G)

Comfort 1.0 TGDI 6AT, Platinum 1.0 TGDI 6AT and Platinum Plus 1.0 TGDI 6AT:

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  • City: 8.3 (E) / 11.6 (L)
  • Road: 9.9 (E) / 14.3 (G)
Hyundai HB20 sedan 2023
(Photo: Publicity/Hyundai)

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Hyundai HB20 Sedan 2023 Platinum Plus 1.0 Turbo AT Flex
Engine Kappa 1.0 TGDI turbo
power/torque Power: 120.0 (E) – 120.0 (G) / Torque: 17.5 (E) / 17.5 (G)
Streaming 6 speed automatic
Suspended Front: McPherson type, independent wheel with coil springs / Rear: Torsion axle type with coil springs
Usage City: 8.3 km/l (E) – 11.6 km/l (G) / Highway: 9.9 km/l (E) – 14.3 km/l (G)
Wheels and Tires 16″ alloy wheels
brake Front: Vented discs / Rear: Drum
Weight 1,137 kg
Dimension Length: 4,325 mm / Width: 1,720 mm / Height: 1,470 mm / Wheelbase: 2,530 mm
Ability Tank: 50 L / Trunk: 475 L
Price From BRL 120,990.00
Hyundai HB20 Sedan 2023
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