Taverny.  Smart University: second academic position this season

Taverny. Smart University: second academic position this season

Launched in 2021, this Smart University is located on the Place du Pressoir. (© Val-d’Oise Gazette.)

A second chance to continue or continue your studies.

The meeting will be held this Wednesday, September 7, from 3 am to 5 am, at Smart University of Taverny (Val d’Oise)in Les Sarments, discovering the system installed a year ago in the district.

Smart University is the “third place for studies and higher education”, connected with Center for Successwhich brings together various initiatives, including the Second Chance School.

The Town of Tavernywho worked for its opening, and University of Cycergy Paris (taking advantage of the infrastructure and services of the university, such as the library, medicine, etc.), are partners.

It is an original concept intended for those aged 18 and over who wish to return to or continue their studies.

Over 1,000 courses offered

More than 1,000 training courses are offered: from Daeu (diploma for obtaining university studies) to Masters through Bts.

He is surrounded by “facilitator coaches” assuring him of personal monitoring and support, in administrative procedures and educational content. A “full”, registered student is eligible for a scholarship. Availability of at least 25 hours per week is required.

Video: currently on Actu

Launched in October 2021, the Smart University of Taverny is located on the Place du Pressoir, at a position of 130 m.2.

In 2021, it was the second to open its doors after that of Garges-lès-Gonesse.

“We manage ourselves while being managed, that’s what I like”, revealed the little girl, during the opening. After obtaining his communications license, he wanted to reorient himself towards the notarial profession.

Another young woman, in Bts of social economy and family, who had stopped her Bts Management of commercial units, appreciated here “the good environment that prevails. They help us with our procedures, grants and training… We can work well together with then the coach helps us personally. »

24 students

The purpose of this structure is to bring higher education closer to the regions and “combat social inequality”.

“The goal is for young people to say to themselves that nothing is closed to them”, emphasized the mayor (Libres, Lr) of Taverny. Florence Portellithus wanting to “pull this district up”.

According to Parcours Sup, 10% of degree holders did not receive any admission offers at the beginning of the school year. So Smart University is an opportunity for them. It will welcome 24 students at the beginning of the school year.

3, Place du Pressoir.

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