TAS 2022 – The concept of Mitsubishi Ralliart: ouch or wow?

TAS 2022 – The concept of Mitsubishi Ralliart: ouch or wow?

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According to which will take place from January 14 to 16, 2022, Mitsubishi remains to speak a bit. We just know that the diamond brand will present the Kei EV Concept. Ni “A new generation of kei-electric electric car fully, with a focus on safety, security and comfort, as well as friendliness and environment”.

In addition to the “kei” actions and their operation, this concept of Kei EV should provide superior driving support, as well as integration. On the other hand, to determine performance in terms of independence, it will be necessary to wait another two weeks. This “concept” (most likely the exhibition vehicle) indicates the car that will be sold in the next Japanese financial year (ie between April 2022 and March 2023).

Heat or electricity? Sedan or SUV?

“The Ralliart concept car brings together the engineering and enthusiasm of Mitsubishi Motors for Monozukuri (technical) challenges. With a high standard and a strong sense of presence, the style reflects the company’s vision for the new Ralliart”.

All of this is okay, but we are left unsatisfied. In the 3D view provided by Mitsubishi, we see a large data transmission and can be a single main exhaust pipe, or an accident box such as a single seat. The Ralliart badge is mounted on a water supply.

The “Mitsu” lancer has been missing from the list for a few years now. Does Mitsubishi finally want to bring a sports car worthy of wearing a story badge? Or are we headed for a “sporty” crossover? There is no sedan in the Mitsubishi column apart from “Space Star” (aka Mirage). So we fear Eclipse Cross or other crossover “with Cupra sauce”. Let’s put Mitsubishi to bed please!

to summarize

Ralliart, a name that reflects the process of “father style” when the Mitsubishi Lancer Evos was highlighted. At Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, Mitsubishi will present the Ralliart Concept Car.

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