Table tennis/Euro Mini Champ’s.  The French are empty-handed but have returned successfully

Table tennis/Euro Mini Champ’s. The French are empty-handed but have returned successfully

Although at least one Frenchman or woman had won during the fourteen editions contested in the Malteries gym, the path to the Nelson Mandela gym, still in Schiltigheim, still does not smile on the young tricolor table tennis players (under age 11 and under 13). years of age). “It is the second time in a row that we have not won, always for Mandela”, launches the new boss of the Euro Mini Champ’s, also the national technical advisor, responsible for discovery, Guillaume Simonin.

“Stoves Lost”

The latter however gives a positive assessment of this 16e version, that of the union. “As for the organization, I’m very happy,” he adds. The fire was extinguished by Covid and the embers left. Even if nothing is perfect, we did good things. People arrive with a smile and leave with a smile. It’s a good release overall. In the end, he missed this victory for France to put the icing on the cake. “We are there, we have been placed and it has made it more possible to evaluate the players with real competition. We still leave with four medals, two silver and two bronze. There are ups and downs even if we show that we have the crowd in this generation,” says Guillaume Simonin.

Held this Sunday afternoon in front of full stadiums, the EMC finals confirmed the exceptional level of this competition. In less than 11 years, French Eva Lam, from Hauts-de-France, against Siri Benjegard of Sweden, and French Noah Tessier, from Pays de Loire, against German Lukas Wang, have not been able to overcome the pressure of the home final. “In high-stakes matches, Eva is tense, she can’t relax. He puts a lot of pressure on himself and plays very well. When there is a very good player in front, as was the case with the Swede, it is difficult. There is still satisfaction in having good competition. He is not there by chance. This remains positive for the future,” emphasizes his coach Nicolas Baudoux.

The analysis is no different for Simon Robin, the coach of Noah Tessier, a young player from Nantes Saint-Joseph. “He missed his final because he was caught up in the game,” said the technician. He did great competition and discovered the standard. There is a sense of desperation because I know what he can do. But he was crippled by the pressure. It’s still learning and it’s good to live it now. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow.”

“This year makes us want to come back”

In the youth finals under the age of 13, the Japanese, who were invited this year to come and challenge the best European players, showed that they did not come to Schiltigheim to please the gallery. They sign doubles with Soma Ono’s impressive win over Czech Pavol Kokavec in the boys’ category and Yuan Ito’s win over her teammate Sakurako Kagawa, in the girls’ side. The best Alsatian performance belongs to young Haguenovien Roméo Muller, who fell in the quarter-finals – after five tied sets – against the German Tien Nghia Phong. Very good performance.

Now it’s time to look at the next edition scheduled for the last weekend of August 2023. “We will see what we want to do, concludes the boss, Guillaume Simonin. But this year makes us want to start again for a better version of 2023. We know that we are expected at the turn. We have shown that we are still there but there is no certainty. »