System 1 |  Zhou: ‘Speed ​​was good’, strategy costs Alfa Romeo F1

System 1 | Zhou: ‘Speed ​​was good’, strategy costs Alfa Romeo F1

Alfa Romeo F1 had a tough race in Hungary, with Guanyu Zhou’s best result being 13th. But the Chinese driver wants to be optimistic after this race, assuring that the strategy was responsible for this result, more than the speed of the C42.

“Honestly, I think the pace was good compared to the guys with the same tires” Zhou said. “But the hard tires were a disaster, it was for everyone. We had planned a pit stop, it didn’t work out.”

“Then I put soft compounds, the tires were working well. A soft start and a soft finish with two stops would have been the best solution. But it was fine, I fought well on the track.”

Zhou draws mixed conclusions from his F1 debut but is satisfied with the momentum this Hungarian Grand Prix has brought back: “There were ups and downs, a lot of races that we didn’t finish due to various issues, but I’m very happy because this weekend we got back to where we were at Silverstone after a great race.”

For his part, Valtteri Bottas did not see the finish after another engine failure. The Finns, however, think that the strategy was wrong: “We wanted to stop with the starters and then hard, but at the end of the race I felt that it didn’t work as planned.”

“We tried to make this strategy work, but the hardball didn’t work as expected, and in the end I got into trouble and had to stop running. We’re not consistent and dependable, we know, we have to continue to work on it.”