System 1 |  Wolff: Mercedes F1 ‘closer to first win’

System 1 | Wolff: Mercedes F1 ‘closer to first win’

Mercedes F1 had its best race of the year in the Netherlands, with George Russell on the podium, and the victory missed by strategic misfortune. Toto Wolff, its director, draws positive conclusions from the Zandvoort race.

“We didn’t have the fastest car of the weekend at the Dutch Grand Prix, but the team did a good job of putting us in the race to win the race and we have to make sure we are in this position regularly” Wolff said.

“We took risks at Zandvoort and they all didn’t work out, we’re fighting for the win and we won’t hesitate to make bold decisions. We scored good points in our race for second place in the championship and it was fun to get back into the fight. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we’re getting closer to our victory in first of the season.”

Wolff, on the other hand, blames the message of insults and conspiracy theories about Red Bull’s strategy and the abandonment of Yuki Tsunoda, and how bad words have been spread towards Mercedes.

“Emotions were high on social media after the last race, but hate speech and insults directed at our team and our competitors have no place in F1. We are very competitive on the track, but we always respect our opponents.”

Monza, worse than Zandvoort but better than Spa?

Wolff, on the other hand, is worried about the performance of the W13 in Monza, and fears that his team will find itself in trouble, like the Belgian Grand Prix. The Austrian, however, believes the team has taken the lessons of Spa-Francorchamps well.

“This intense triple race will end in Monza, a beautiful location with a rich racing history and heritage, and of course a sea of ​​red Tifosi. Although Zandvoort suited our car, Monza could be a more difficult weekend due to its circuit characteristics.”

“But we are hopeful that we will be in a better position than other lower-level circuits like Spa, thanks to what we have learned since then, and that we will fight for the podium once again.”

Putting together the “puzzle” that is W13

The W13 is a difficult single-seater to understand, and Mercedes F1 has to work on the track with its car to keep up. Wolff explains that this is the easiest way to identify errors and merits.

“We had to find out why everything was fine on Friday. Although it may seem like a high-tech lab on wheels, the data doesn’t match this year, so we’re collecting data on the track. piecing the puzzle together.”

“We’ve added new pieces of the puzzle to figure out for next year, but I’m not looking forward to a weekend like this every weekend until the end of the year.”

“There will be more difficult circuits that will not allow us to drive where we want to drive, there will be many circuits where there will be gaps and drag. We will not win the last seven races.”