System 1 |  Will Piastri suffer against Norris in McLaren F1 in 2023?

System 1 | Will Piastri suffer against Norris in McLaren F1 in 2023?

Oscar Piastri will therefore replace Daniel Ricciardo in McLaren F1 in 2023 and will be joined by Lando Norris. And if we can imagine that the Australian will not have too much trouble to do better than the current performance of his compatriot, however it will not be easy against the Briton who continues to advance.

The last driver to make his Formula 1 debut with McLaren was recent Formula E championship winner Stoffel Vandoorne. , the Belgian won the cup in 2018 against the two-time world champion.

Should Piastri expect to suffer a lot next year? His team will in any case do everything possible to support him as much as possible, as explained by Lando Norris, who himself has been driving the Woking team since his arrival in F1 in 2019.

“It’s a team that’s willing to do anything to help. That’s what they’ve done for Daniel over the last few years: we’ve changed everything in the car to suit his driving style,” Norris said.

“But the place that is also very good is that the climate there is calm and pleasant. Coming to Formula 1 is a lot of pressure for the driver, but they try not to make you feel too much for McLaren.”

“And they will do everything possible to make you feel welcome and comfortable, including about media and marketing activities. In short, everything that will allow the pilot to work. But the most important thing is this situation and the fact that everyone knows. And everyone tries to help each other, they are very friendly.”

“Of course I am biased in saying that McLaren are very good in this area. But I believe we are doing better than other teams from this point of view.

With Norris and Piastri, McLaren has two sons fit to play for victories in the future

So Oscar Piastri should have no problem integrating into his new team according to his future teammate. In addition, the director of McLaren, Andreas Seidl, agrees: the Australian driver should fit perfectly thanks to his many qualities.

“We wanted to have him and therefore we are very happy. Knowing him we were convinced by his talent and his ability. He is young, has a lot of energy and shows a good level of confidence while continuing to be humble. , and he knows the challenge that awaits him next year,” said the German leader.

“We are a team that has shown, especially with Lando, that we can handle these young drivers coming into the sport well, so I’m looking forward to working with Oscar.”

“The team we have now knows what the young driver needs inside and outside the car and in terms of the environment. Our goal now is for him to prepare as much as possible for the first competitive race in Bahrain next year.”

“The goal is clear: as soon as we can work with Oscar, we will spend a lot of time with him and see what is possible to achieve the goals. And as I said before, that worked very well with Lando, so. I believe it will work with Oscar as well. “

Daniel Ricciardo is far from anyone in F1, but it is true that the Australian driver has been in serious trouble since joining McLaren in 2021. Can we fear that the same thing will happen to Piastri next year? Seidl obviously doesn’t care.

“We believe in Oscar. We have Lando with us and he is one of the best players in the paddock. So I think we have a very good pair going forward.”

And if victory is now far away for McLaren, Seidl is far away “confident that we can take that last step with Oscar and Lando.”