System 1 |  Villeneuve praises Ferrari, ‘new Mercedes F1’

System 1 | Villeneuve praises Ferrari, ‘new Mercedes F1’

Jacques Villeneuve praised the performance of Charles Leclerc and Ferrari, after the Monegasque’s second victory of the season in Melbourne. The 1997 world champion notes that the Scuderia and its leader are already in a very good position.

“Charles Leclerc has the championship under control” Villeneuve told Dutch website Formula 1. “Of course, there are still 20 races, but he has his teammate behind him, the team more or less behind him, and the gap with his main competitor, Max Verstappen.

Villeneuve lives in Italy and people often ask him what is expected of Ferrari. After the disappointment of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, who did not take the Scuderia title, Villeneuve now sees the team in a good position to dominate the season.

“In Italy, I am often asked if this is the year it will really happen, the fans find it hard to believe, you see they are wondering when things will go wrong, they remember the years of Alonso and Vettel. But this Ferrari. it is very fast. In fact, it’s a new Mercedes.”

A ‘shameful’ weekend for Aston Martin F1

Villeneuve is not too fond of the Aston Martin F1, which had a terrible weekend in Melbourne. The commentator blamed the mistakes of Lance Stroll for his collision with Nicholas Latifi, and the lack of motivation and desire of Sebastian Vettel.

“The incident with Stroll and Latifi in qualifying was just embarrassing, but I think Vettel would have preferred to be at home. He also made mistakes at Ferrari, but his mistakes this weekend were on another level.”

“It wasn’t a big disaster, but the sponsors don’t like it. It also costs money because of the lost points, not to mention the damage. The question now is what Lawrence Stroll is doing?” Canadian wonder, about the owner of the team, to whom we credit the authoritarian management of the team.

“If he treats his drivers like he does in business, it’s not a pleasant conversation. Even in the long run, it’s not an easy situation to solve. They’ve built a car similar to Williams or Haas, but these teams did it on a small budget.”