System 1 |  Vettel: Qualifying is Aston Martin F1’s weak point

System 1 | Vettel: Qualifying is Aston Martin F1’s weak point

If the Aston Martin F1 is only ninth in the constructors’ championship with 20 points, it still managed to outperform Alfa Romeo or even the AlphaTauri in the last race contested. But his poor qualifying results tend to hamper his weekend.

This is also the main weakness of the team according to its driver Sebastian Vettel. The future retiree, who has nine races left in Formula 1, is aware that his team is not yet fast enough to aim for the best race results.

“Our weakness is Saturday in qualifying, because in the race I think we will be in the fight once we manage to qualify well,” said the four-time world champion.

“In qualifying, we are the 9th or 10th team. On Sunday, sometimes we have a satisfactory rhythm that allows us to change in the league.”

Best speed in the race

The Hungarian Grand Prix also shows the German’s words well: starting from 18th on the grid, he was able to climb to 10th in the race, without taking advantage of the restrictions in the competition.

“I was actually assured on Friday, which was good. Saturday didn’t go the way I wanted and so I didn’t have a good evening. But Sunday was better and I was able to recover during the race.”

Can we say that the Silverstone team has taken a step forward at the Hungaroring?

“It doesn’t happen overnight. I think our race was solid: we had the right strategy, the right feeling in the car and we made the right decisions. That’s a strong step.”

“Not everyone got away but we had a plan from the start which is good. But like I said we need a better Saturday if we want to finish 9th, 8th or even 7th in the race.”

Vettel returned to Ocon at the end of the race in Hungary

To clarify his remarks, Vettel recalls that he was back close to Esteban Ocon’s Alpine F1 at the end of the race, and this when the Frenchman started 5th in the Grand Prix. And if not for the late appearance of the online safety car, he might have had a chance to overtake him.

“After the second pit stop I was struggling a bit with my tyres. I think we misbalanced the car.”

“Then we corrected that at the third stop and it was better. I think I could have had a chance to pass Esteban at the end, but obviously we missed a bit. The safety car n “Of course it didn’t help. . The plan we were working on worked and I was happy with it, but again I prefer to move on.”

“Now I will enjoy the summer break and then I will do my best in the remaining races, I think there are many things we can easily improve, we will do our best and we will fight until the end. . I’m looking forward to my last race in F1.”