System 1 |  Verstappen predicts a ‘difficult challenge’ against Ferrari in Hungary

System 1 | Verstappen predicts a ‘difficult challenge’ against Ferrari in Hungary

Max Verstappen fears for Ferrari drivers this weekend at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver, the overall leader in the championship, remains convinced that the Hungaroring will be a perfect match for the Scuderia F1-75.

“It’s not difficult to predict, I expect a tough challenge against Ferrari, they are very fast in the kind of corners we have here” said Verstappen. “It will make it difficult for us, especially in the single-lap performance, and we will have to see the weather, which may play a role on Saturday.

Verstappen gets a positive but not perfect balance from the success of the first half of the season: “It went well, but there are things we could have done better, especially at the beginning of the season. That is what we will try to work on for the second half of the season.”

His teammate, Sergio Pérez, is hoping to bounce back after some tough races: “The season is still very long. I didn’t have a very good race but I still finished fourth and got good points. It cost the championship a lot.”

“We will try a few things this weekend. I have been better with the car in France than last weekend, but nothing stands. I think we have to get back to our form. I have been all season.”

Perez was also asked about Sebastian Vettel’s retirement.

“I’m very proud of Seb and what he’s achieved. He’s a great sportsman, a great person. He’s always been a very gentleman, very articulate. He’s very successful, he’s got a good family. That’s all you expect a rival to achieve,” so I’m very proud of him. I wish him and his family the best.”