System 1 |  Sainz was betrayed by his Ferrari’s engine in Austria

System 1 | Sainz was betrayed by his Ferrari’s engine in Austria

The Austrian Grand Prix ended in a very frustrating way for Carlos Sainz. The Ferrari driver was putting pressure on Max Verstappen to take second place in the race, when smoke began to billow from his F1-75, the engine catching fire after catching fire.

These are valuable points that go away after this abandonment of the winner of Silverstone, who did not see this defeat coming.

“There was no feedback from the engine that this thing would happen, so suddenly. I am at a loss for words because it is clear the loss of points and results for the team today as I think it could be twice as easy,” said Sainz.

“I was on the mountain and I saw a car on fire, I wanted to get out of the car but it was going backwards, I called the police to stop the car and put out the fire, I didn’t do that. I don’t know why they took so long, and we’ll have to see what we can do to prevent this kind of situation from happening again.”

“I was going to pass Max easily when it happened, I was going to pass him in the next lap thanks to the DRS. But I think the pace of the race was the best so far this year, so I will take that as a positive.”

“The fire did a lot of damage for sure. It’s not ideal and it’s something we’ll have to continue to monitor, but the speed was there, the tire damage was very little on our car and we were fast. So I’m going. to continue as fast as possible.”

“It’s difficult to take because we were about to take a lot of points from the leaders of the championship, Max and Red Bull, to make a big impact for the team, and one of their cars stopped.”

“It’s disappointing but we have to keep pushing, turn the page and it’s still a long season ahead.”