System 1 |  Ricciardo immediately rules out a move to Aston Martin F1

System 1 | Ricciardo immediately rules out a move to Aston Martin F1

For Daniel Ricciardo, there is no question of giving any credence to the rumors that would put McLaren and Aston Martin F1 in discussions to move the Australian from the Oranges to the Greens.

While everyone is wondering who will replace Sebastian Vettel next year, some are already thinking about Zak Brown finding a way out of his contract with Ricciardo, which costs him 25 million dollars a year and this is very average or even average again this year.

When asked at a press conference a few moments ago in Hungary, Ricciardo was tight-lipped on the subject.

“Did you listen to my words at the last Grand Prix? Have you read my statements or seen my interview? My future is open and it takes place here at McLaren, as I said last week.”

Ricciardo did however pay tribute to his Red Bull teammate in 2014.

“It’s sad because we’re losing the story of the game. And obviously, personally, I spent time with him, which was definitely an opportunity.”

“It’s one of those times when you’re sad but also happy for him now to start the 2nd chapter of his life. I learned a lot in 2014 being with him and even before that as a reserve driver and that I was just part of the Red Bull Team and watching how he would do. work.”

“It was always interesting. He’s got a lot of good sides and a way of getting people behind him and getting them on board. But he also knows how to be direct. It was cool. He’s a very driven guy and He’s going to do it.” He is definitely missed but we wish him well.”