System 1 |  McLaren: Ricciardo is aiming for ‘two or more victories’ this year

System 1 | McLaren: Ricciardo is aiming for ‘two or more victories’ this year

Daniel Ricciardo had a difficult start to the season with McLaren, amid the absence of Bahrain trials for Covid-19 and poor performance in the first race.

But the Australian is still hoping to focus on success this year with MCL36. However, we can question the legitimacy of the goal that the McLaren driver has set for himself, as the team seems to be on a break at the moment against the competition.

“I hope it will be a double victory this year, or more.” Ricciardo said. “But I will take it as it comes. I have already set goals in my head. But most of all, I do not want to witness another difficult season like 2021.”

“Despite the success in Monza, it has not been an easy year. Looking at the results, I must say there is still room for improvement. It did not go well.”

Ricciardo admits that he was eager to discover new principles this winter: “I’ve never been more excited at a break and eager to get a new car. Once you sit in the car, everything around you looks completely different.”

“You’re higher, the tires are bigger, you have to change. The look is small, but I already felt comfortable in the track. The car is heavier, which means it’s harder to control with less movement on the road.”

When asked about the lessons he learned from the 2021 season, Ricciardo talks about his learning: “That I can still learn. That you can also overcome a low standard and that even after many years in Form 1 you still have to take a different approach to success.”

“Because if you don’t change and change, someone else will succeed, even the day I finish my job I will not be a perfect driver. But you also have to believe what you have learned. In the past.”

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