System 1 |  Marko: Porsche will not buy shares in Red Bull

System 1 | Marko: Porsche will not buy shares in Red Bull

Red Bull has confirmed rumors that its expected contract with Porsche for 2026 and beyond will not expire.

It was expected that Porsche would buy 50% of Red Bull Racing but the Austrian team backed out in August for fear of losing control of the decisions that would be made once Porsche was involved in the project.

“Porsche will not be a shareholder with us,” confirms Dr. Helmut Marko.

This does not close the door to a traditional partnership according to the Red Bull consultant, nor to a partnership using Red Bull Powertrains. But equity investments are now excluded.

Is it backwards? Not at all: Red Bull is in a good position!

“We have all the ability to build our own engines, we have invested, we have the infrastructure, we have the workers, we have the resources. We are independent and we can remain that way. If a manufacturer wants to join us, this will be possible.” honoring this DNA.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner also confirmed that the Porsche theme has now stopped.

“We said we will be our own engine builder from 2026. There have been discussions with Porsche, but we are very committed to building an engine – the very first engine for Red Bull. It is an exciting new chapter for Red Bull, whether or not we will have a partner for that. it’s up for debate.”

What will Porsche do? According to German media, the brand is determined to go to F1. A partnership with Red Bull is still possible and would be possible “easier solution” but Porsche wants a say in the F1 program.

Therefore a partnership with McLaren F1 would be under investigation, thanks to the links established through Andreas Seidl, the former director of Porsche Motorsport. The director of McLaren has not denied Zandvoort some interest in collaborating with his former employer.

The fact remains that without Red Bull, the Porsche project must be reworked as it is necessary to invest in F1 test beds and hire engineers. Or, at least, a year behind the schedule that Red Bull allowed it to have through Red Bull Powertrains.