System 1 |  Binotto: Ferrari recognizes Red Bull’s excellence in the business

System 1 | Binotto: Ferrari recognizes Red Bull’s excellence in the business

Following a strong performance by Max Verstappen and Red Bull at the Spa, Ferrari hit the nail on the head but he must realize: his rival was stronger this weekend on the Belgian side.

Mattia Binotto, director of ‘Rossa’, has therefore recognized the quality of the Austrian team and explains that the Scuderia is already very focused on its one-seater for the 2023 season.

“I think we didn’t have the speed and speed of the Red Bulls, who were fast all weekend, like they were fast in Hungary with a lot of power package.” Binotto said.

“Red Bull has been faster for several races, and we need to continue to work on performance and development, not only for this season, but for the next one as well.”

“It’s a very strong team and very strong competitors. That said, we have to look at our data to understand the damage. It wasn’t just a matter of efficiency and power, it’s also related to the tyres.”

“There’s a lot to learn and a lot to improve on, and that’s how we usually do things. We know they’re strong but we’ll try to do our best for the next race.”

The Italian now hopes Ferrari will be faster at Zandvoort next week.

“They were in their league here, but it will be a different weekend and a different type of circuit there. We will analyze the data from this weekend, we think the gap will be smaller than we think. he was here.”

“We will try to aim for victory, it is important. It will be one of the races before the end of the season where we will try to do big things for our side.”

Russell threatened Sainz’s podium

If Ferrari proved too late for Red Bull this weekend, it also saw Mercedes F1 come dangerously close in the race. And if Carlos Sainz finally challenged George Russell for third place, Binotto confirms that the Scuderia must do better to counter the progress of its German rival.

“It was due to tire wear which is part of the performance of the race, we know that Mercedes have come back strongly in recent races, they are still finishing behind, but you have to pay attention to the next race. “

“But it doesn’t matter if it’s Red Bull or Mercedes, we have to focus on ourselves, try to understand where we weren’t fast enough, and look to make better progress.”

We saw the Ferrari drivers talking a lot with their engineers on the radio during the race, which at times was disturbing to them as Sainz showed at times.

The Italian team has been guilty of a number of strategic mistakes of late, but Binotto says the radio messages from Spa were not intended to hold drivers more accountable.

“It’s not really about giving them more freedom, but making sure there’s open communication and a good understanding. At this time of the season, it’s important sometimes to be more open on the radio, and they’re more involved.”

“Of course there is always a need to improve, and there are lessons that make us think. But looking at the season, many external perceptions do not necessarily correspond to reality, sometimes we took actions that were considered mistakes when they were not.”

Stopping Leclerc from setting too fast a lap was ‘the right decision’

During the final lap of the Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc returned to the pits to bid and try to steal the fastest lap from Max Verstappen. But that was not possible after starting behind Fernando Alonso.

And if the Monegasque was able to remove the Alpine F1 during the last loop, in the end he received a penalty of 5 seconds for speeding in the pits (at 1 km / h), which took him behind the Spaniard in the standings, in sixth place. place.

So Binotto realizes that the bet to stop Leclerc was risky but it was the right choice. He also explains that a sensor problem, following a brake failure at the start of the race, would have contributed to this incident.

“We made the right decision. You have to be brave to get a high level. We knew it would be very difficult with Fernando and we would have to pass him. But it was the right choice, we didn’t get faster. lap and we will have to analyze the reasons.”

Regarding excessive speed on pit lane, “we weren’t using our normal sensors to control speed as these stopped working following Max’s crash, our systems may not have been accurate enough. I think that was an unfortunate situation overall.”