System 1 |  Binotto defends Ferrari: Performance was more to blame than strategy

System 1 | Binotto defends Ferrari: Performance was more to blame than strategy

Charles Leclerc was in good shape to win the Hungarian Grand Prix, but Ferrari put him on hard tires when Max Verstappen pitted for the second time (and exited on average).

An obvious strategic error as these tires did not work on the Alpine F1 nor on the Haas F1.

Having been abandoned in the Scuderia car during the Grand Prix, leaving the pit wall, Mattia Binotto has finally given the first information to the press … and he blames the performance of the car rather than the decision taken for Leclerc!

Binotto wants “analyze the decisions made” but it suggests so “the tire used by the team would not have made a difference”.

“What happened will take a few hours and a few days to analyze. We didn’t get the performance we expected. Soft, medium or hard, the performance of the car was not what we expected.”

“It was colder today than Friday. The car didn’t feel right for the first time this season. We’re trying to find out why. I think it should have worked but it didn’t go as well. I hope so.”

Binotto goes on to explain why the team decided to put Leclerc on hard tyres.

“We knew the hard tire was struggling to warm up. We’re not blind, we’ve seen the Alpines. They wouldn’t be as fast as the medium for 10 or 11 laps. But in the end we thought they could be fast enough to somehow be in the race and have a good position without stand more.”

“But generally they didn’t work as expected because the car wasn’t working as expected.”

“We all expected a different result, but the performance was more to blame than the strategy. The evidence is that Carlos followed that of Lewis Hamilton and finished 4th when Mercedes were faster. We did not have the reserve of performance to overcome this low temperature. We had to protect ourselves .”

“We found that Charles was faster than Carlos – just like Hamilton was faster than Russell – but as we saw, Hamilton’s strategy didn’t suit Carlos either. Then, of course, we have to analyze if it would suit Charles. The big problem today is the car.”