System 1 |  Big disappointment for Aston Martin F1s, eliminated in Q1

System 1 | Big disappointment for Aston Martin F1s, eliminated in Q1

Big disappointment for Aston Martin F1 today in qualifying, with two AMR22s out in the First Qualifier in Bahrain.

Note however the small performance of Nico Hülkenberg who, without ever giving him a single seat before this weekend, was able to get ahead of his teammate and finish 17th in the session.

“It was a good qualifying match, short but good,” Said Sebastian Vettel’s replacement. “I think I did a good lap, I didn’t lose much. I was five hundredths short of going into Q2, you can catch them somewhere but there was no obvious mistake that caused me to lose time.”

“From where I’m coming from this weekend, I’m happy, I don’t know what to expect in the race, it will be a big challenge to be surrounded by cars, I haven’t done that in a long time. !”

“It will be difficult to manage the tires and others, it is an important task and a big challenge for tomorrow. I will do my best and I will see what happens.”

Lance Stroll, 19th, was definitely under the weather when he got out of his single seat.

“We are disappointed with the result today and it is not what we expected after the positive results of EL3,” commented the Canadian. “We made changes to the car and maybe we went the wrong way.

“In qualifying, we didn’t have enough grip to give a performance. We have to analyze the data and see what we can learn from it. The first race will help us understand the car better.”

“Tomorrow will be another day so we will come up with the idea of ​​trying to go as high as possible.”

Mike Krack, the team manager, was obviously not satisfied after such a result.

“Obviously we are disappointed with our qualifying performance, but we will work tonight to improve our race pace and our strategy for tomorrow. There is not much more to say at this stage, but we are competitive and we will work as hard as possible to rectify the situation. .”