System 1 |  Aston Martin F1: Vettel complains AMR22 ‘difficult to drive’

System 1 | Aston Martin F1: Vettel complains AMR22 ‘difficult to drive’

Sebastian Vettel has only competed in the EL2 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, but the Aston Martin F1 driver admits that the AMR22 is still far from satisfactory, on the low power circuit that makes it grip well.

“It’s difficult for us, the car is difficult to drive but not for the first time this year!” he joked. “I think we can continue, we only had the day and now we have the night to find something good to develop.”

“We have to find the right compromise but we can improve on the lap. The lap I did was not bad, I understand the car better and better where the car wants to be, and we can improve in terms of setup. I hope to be among the most advanced tomorrow.”

Vettel, however, wants to be sensible in his qualifying goals: “I hope we will get out of Q1, but it will be difficult because the field is difficult and it has been a difficult day, so we have to improve more than those in front of us.”

Lance Stroll, for his part, is very confused by the behavior of one of his attendants: “It was a difficult day, we were not competitive, we have to see how to improve. We have to find more grip in the corners and reduce the corners. It’s a low power cycle, the car n was not good. in turns.”