System 1 |  Aston Martin F1 rear wing criticized by ‘jealousy’?

System 1 | Aston Martin F1 rear wing criticized by ‘jealousy’?

The innovative rear wing introduced by Aston Martin F1 in Hungary has caused several complaints, regarding its alleged illegality, which the team has denied. For Dave Robson, Williams’ performance director, it is jealousy of other teams that drives them to influence the rules.

“Isn’t that what you say when you’re a little jealous and realize you haven’t seen anything?” launches Robson. “The laws are complex and the way they are written means there are always potential loopholes.”

“And because it’s written in so much detail, no one will follow the spirit if there’s a way to make a profit. I don’t see any problem with that, that’s the game. .”

“If it’s legally legal, but some people want to argue it’s against the spirit, I think that means the rules should be stricter in how they’re written. Well done Aston Martin. That’s what makes this sport interesting, to be honest, so I have no problem with that .”

However, the teams do not dispute these results: “I don’t know there is a problem with that. I was talking more about the spirit of the law and not necessarily considering what one might consider the spirit.”

“On this technology, if it’s legal, and it seems to be, it’s fine. The question now is if people will put time and effort into imitating it or if everyone is okay with it. changing the way the laws are written to align them with the intended spirit. We’ll see how that as it will be.”